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Who is Maku: "Chief" White Buffalo?


Born December 21, 1979 A.D.


President and Chief of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, Born Ian Lorenzo Thompkins, Now Nayya: Asaru Ankh Amun-EL (Appellation/ Legal Name Correction) a Blackfoot, Crow, Yamassee (Yamasi) Native American-Moor, eldest son of mother Renee' Thompkins who's Blackfoot Tribal Name is Nuttah meaning "My Heart" is a Blackfoot, Crow, Sioux, Cherokee and Yamassee Native American-Moor woman who was later given her Nuwaubian Moor name as Nin: Mut Ankh Amun-EL.  His father's name is James Louis Fields whom he hasn't seen before his birth because James' parents at the age of 16, took him to California to separate him from his Native American and Moorish mother and son because she and he is a Nubian. Asaru was born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in a rough neighborhood of 40th and Quincy known as (D.T.W.).


The first name "Ian" having its roots in Scotland means "Gift from GOD or GOD's Gift". The middle name Lorenzo come from the Spanish word literally "town of bay trees", in reference to the bays in the south where we Blackfoot and Yamassee dwelled. The last name Thompkins or Tomkins has its origin in England the same as "York". However the name Tomkins comes from the word Thomas, so when you add the suffix of endearment "kin" to the name "Tom" you get "Thompkins" or simply "Tomkins" which means "son of dear Tom." His mother's first name "Renée" means "reborn", which ties into ancient meaning. The name "Renée" also has it's roots in "Ancient Nuwaubic/ Egyptian", from the Nuwaubic word "Re and Nee" which translates as "Supreme One of Re" 


One should also note that the name "Ian" can also be found in the teaching of the Ancient Egiptian Order (A.E.O.) of Atum-Re where Tehuti the Supreme Being, whose name means "Scribe or Wisdom" incarnated into a Baboon and took on the name "Ian" until it was time for him to reveal himself. And that time is now when we need his wisdom more than ever. The "Ancient Ones" have always had their divine hand over the life of Maku: Chief White Buffalo. It shows now more than ever with the Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom and Right Over standing he has.


Asaru graduated from a technical high school. He received his high school diploma from East Technical High School in 1999 where his school mascot is the SCARAB, a sacred Egyptian symbol that is associated with the Neter (Supreme Being/ GOD) Atum, as in Atum-Re. He then at the age of 20, married his high school sweetheart and joined the United States Army where he graduated from basic combat training in Ft. Jackson, SC. Charlie Co. 39th infantry Regiment 4 brigade 3 platoon (Gunslingers) 16th Oct. 2000.


From there he went to A.I.T. (Advanced Individual Training) in Gulfport, MS to start Engineer School with the MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) of carpentry masonry specialist, "a builder" by trade. In addition to that, Asaru went on into advance military training becoming a United States Army Paratrooper where he graduated top of his class in Ft. Benning, GA from Charlie Company 19, 2nd Platoon, April 2001. He was selected for the R.I.P. program (Ranger indoctrination Program) but declined due to his wife having their child only 5 months earlier while he was in basic combat training serving his country in Ft. Jackson, SC.


However being a military wife proved hard on his beautiful young wife and they soon divorced. His military career was over in 2004 when his term ended after 4 years of honorable service. He headed back to Cleveland, Ohio to stay with his family, James Thompkins also known as Elyas an Ansar of the Ansaru Allah community out of the Ohio Tab and still an Ansar since the 1980's. Shortly after he was introduced to a brother by the name of Leon Moss also known as Hotep Talah Amun who was taken in after having nowhere to live. This Leon Moss heard the story of an Apostle prophesied that "Asaru" has the wisdom of Solomon in the Holy Bible and was told he would be a great Commander in GOD'S army. Asaru is now the Commander and Chief of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors founded by none other than Maku: "Chief" Black Eagle; Nayya: Malachi Zodok York-EL. Later Leon Moss introduced him to another brother whose name is Fred Boddie also known as Meduty Hotep. Fred Boddie talked to him from time to time over the phone. One day while on the phone with Fred Boddie they were having a conversation about history... who people were and were not. Fred then told Asaru if you want to know who everyone is on the planet then you must read a book called "Let's set the record straight" scroll 360 authored by none other than Dr. Malachi Z. York-EL.


Fred Boddie also mentioned to seek out the EL' Holy Tablets, The Sacred Wisdom (of Tehuti), The Ratib, and The Book of Light. Needless to say he found all these scrolls and more however it was his first book he read... "Let's set the record straight" from a being he never met, Dr. Malachi Z. York that started his quest for more Right Knowledge. Now at this point, Asaru begins to further seek information written by Dr. Malachi Z. York. After moving to North Carolina, shortly after he gets in touch with an elder by the name of Anthony Evans. Anthony Evans, also known as Noble Bun, who had a store in the Underground of downtown Atlanta. He bought many scrolls from Anthony Evans and builds a long distant respectable relationship with the honorable elder.


Asaru then decides to join the A.E.O. (The Ancient Egyptian Order Mir #9) in Athens, Georgia with the help of Noble Anthony Evens while still living in NC. Upon entry of the A.E.O. he was given the spiritual name "Mus Ankh Hotep" on August 9, 2006. He then studies intensely for 3 years straight and then moves to Duluth, GA where he begins to read the entire series of scrolls entitled The Guidance From The Masters, which prompted him to be visited by the "ANCIENT ONES" who gave him the name Nayya: Asaru Ankh Amun-EL, which was made his legal name on April 15, 2008 in the Superior Court of Gwinnett County in the state of Georgia. That same year Asaru travels with his Uncle James to meet another Elder by the name of Matun who is a part of the Black Light Order and (A.E.O.) among others. Upon first meetings Matun, Matun asked his uncle James... who is this young man you brought with you? James replies my nephew. While standing right there in the home of Matun with his blood uncle present Matun says to Asaru "You have a Great Light about you and a Positive Aura, you will do great things and people will love you" ... this indeed made Asaru smile.


That summer Asaru moved back to North Carolina in the city of Fayetteville where he meets his current lovely wife Jazmyne L. Williams. Asaru then remarries to Jazmyne who now has the name Nin: Isis Akenti Amun-El and they marry under the full rights and protection of the Yamassee Tribe of Native Americans, United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors Constitutional guarantee on May 11, 2011. His beautiful wife then gives him two beautiful children, giving them a total of three children, the first one from his previous marriage, so 3 young beautiful girls in all. 


It is now the year 2011 and the Yamassee Tribe of Native Americans, United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors is still in disarray, our holy land gone, buildings closing one after another all over the country. Asaru then begins the task of attempting to unite his people within the Yamassee Tribe community to help rebuild their great nation. This was imperative because it was 9 years later after May 8, 2002 when Asaru started the task of rebuilding the Yamassee Tribe, U.N.N.M. It is also at this point when Asaru realizes that he must take the first step towards reclaiming his own nationality and birthright within the Yamassee Tribe of Native Americans, United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors. So on July 13, 2011 Asaru is legally recognized as a Yamassee Moor of the Nuwaubian Nation of Moors and put it on record in the Clerks Cooperative Authority, Superior Court of Georgia, where copies were sent of his standing to the International Courts in Geneva, Switzerland. 


Asaru receives a vision while in meditation and was instructed to take on the tribal name of Maku White Buffalo and to quickly re-organize the nation under our UNNM Constitution. He then meets with many people from all over the world who accepts him as Chief of the Yamassee Tribe of Native Americans, United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors because he has kept to the "blue print" given to him by his forerunner Maku Chief Black Eagle, Nayya Malachi Z. York-El. This is what Nayya: Asaru Ankh Amun-El, Maku: Chief White Buffalo has been doing to this present day. Working tirelessly to ensure the future of the Yamassee Tribe of Native Americans, United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors survival. He has been tried and proven and no one can take away from his works because truth is truth and "only fools duck when the truth is thrown at them"- MZY. It is no coincidence that Asaru was nationalized 5-3-11 which equals 19, and Malachi Z. York was kidnapped in 2002.  So from 2002 to 2011 when Asaru went on record as a Nuwaubian Moor of the Yamassee Tribe to RE-ESTABLISH the Yamassee Government was 9 years (2002 - 2011). We now have land! This is how it's recorded and this is how it will be, so be it.

Maku: "Chief" White Buffalo,        Nayya: Asaru Ankh Amun-EL of the  Yamassee Tribe of Native Americans,
The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors
U.N.N.M. Constitution Filing in Geneva Convention International Record and The Superior Court of Georgia, of 
Nayya: Asaru Ankh Amun-EL's
Nuwaubian Moor Nationality
"Nuttah" Nin: Mut Ankh Amun-EL, Mother of
Maku: "Chief" White Buffalo
"Sunbeam" Nin: Isis Akenti Amun-EL, First Lady, Matriarch and wife of
Maku: "Chief" White Buffalo
U.N.N.M. Constitution Filing in Geneva Convention International Record And
The Superior Court of Georgia, of 
Nayya: Asaru Ankh Amun-EL's 
Yamassee-Moor Tribal Standing
Maku "Chief" White Buffalo
Nayya: Asaru Ankh Amun-El
Appellation Change April 15, 2008 
Maku: "Chief" White Buffalo with the First Family, his Daughters (from left to right) "Little Hippo", "Ibis Bird" and 
"Humming Bird"
Maku "Chief" White Buffalo
Embraced With Love By Solomon York, Son Of Malachi Z. York
Maku "Chief" White Buffalo
Nayya: Asaru Ankh Amun-El
& Congressman Hank Johnson (D)
Maku: "Chief" White Buffalo with the First Lady, His Wife Nin: Isis Akenti Amun-El 
Maku: "Chief" Black Eagle (Left)          Maku: "Chief" White Buffalo (Right)