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U.N.N.M. Constitution

U.N.N.M. Constitution

What You May Join

Taken From Part 3 Of The U.N.N.M. Constitution, This Portion Gives An Account On What Nuwaubian Moor Citizens Can Join In So Far As Organizations.

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You May Join:

1) The Boy Scouts Of America And The Girl Scouts U.S.A.

2) The Cadets

3) Drum And Bugle Teams

4) Cheerleaders And Majorettes

5) Any Sorority Or Fraternity That You Investigate And Find Are Not Anti-Government Or Dangerous

6) Military

7) Police Department

8) Fire Department

9) Any Lodges That You Investigate

10) Or Organizations For Support And Welfare Of Those In Need.

11) Don’t Join Any Organization That Is Racist Or Any Religious Group Or Organization That Teaches Hate.

12) If You Fight In Defense Of Any Other Country Let It Be The United States Of America.


If You Want To Volunteer To Become A Part Of Any Armed Forces And That Includes The Coast Guard, The National Guard Or Reserves, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Special Forces And The Likes, Only Do So If You Will Receive Equal Ranks, Pay, And Treatments.


The Draft Declaration On The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples, E/Cn.4/Sub.2/1994/2/Add.l (1994). Page 1, Article 11, States:


Article 11

States shall observe international standards, in particular the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, for the protection of civilian populations in circumstances of emergency and armed conflict, and shall not:

(a) Recruit indigenous individuals against their will into the armed forces and, in particular, for use against other indigenous peoples;

(b) Recruit indigenous children into the armed forces under any circumstances;

(c) Force indigenous individuals to abandon their lands, territories or means of subsistence, or relocate them in special centers for military purposes;

(d) Force indigenous individuals to work for military purposes under any discriminatory conditions.


You Are Not Told That Any College Student Can Enlist In The Armed Forces And Become An Officer According To The Amount Of Credits You Have. This Ignorance Helps Euro-Americans To Gain Superior Ranks. If You Enlist As An Enlisted Service Person, You Will Gain The Rank Of Specialist E-4 Automatically. These Are Promotions That Enlistees Receive Automatically Which Are Of No Real Significance. Yet, Nuwaubian Moors Are Under The Illusion That They Are Advancing In Rank, When In Actuality They Are Not.


Even After Attending College Which Is Supposed To Be A Credit, It Is Hard For Nuwaubian Moors To Gain Certain Positions In The Armed Forces Because You Are Simply Not Considered Equal. The Following Are Ranks In The United States Army That Enlistees Can Receive.



1) Private E-l 

2) Private E-2

3) Private First Class E-3

4) Specialist E-4

5) Sergeant E-5 

6) Staff Sergeant E-6

7) Sergeant First Class E-7

8) Master Sergeant/ First Sergeant E-8 (Euro-American)

9) Sergeant Major/ Command Sergeant Major E-9


These Are All Ranks That You Will Find Nuwaubian Moors In, Except The Command Sergeant Major E-9, Which Is Usually Reserved For Euro-Americans, Because There Is A Certain Amount Of Power And Command Involved In This Position.


The Following List Is For Officers In The United States Army. Next To Each Rank Is Showing Who Are Usually In That Position. After Years Of Nuwaubian Moors Serving In The Armed Forces, They Do Not Ever Become Lieutenant Generals And The Likes? Don't Tell Me It Is Because Of Lack Of Qualifications, Because There Are Many Nuwaubian Moors Who Are Qualified And Have Paid Their Dues, Still They Are Not Able To “Be All That They Can Be.”


Advance Officer Has To Be A College Graduate


2nd Lieutenant (NuwaubianMoor Euro-American)

1st Lieutenant (Nuwaubian Moor Euro-American)

Captain (Nuwaubian Moor Euro-American)

Major (Nuwaubian Moor Euro-American)

Lieutenant Colonel (Nuwaubian Moor Euro-American)

Colonel (Nuwaubian Moor Euro-American)

Brigadier General 1st Star (Euro-American)

Major General 2nd Star (Euro-American)

Lieutenant General 3rd Star (Euro- American)

General Four Star (Euro-American)

Note: There Are Also 5 Star Generals Called "General Of The Army", But Only During The Time Of Major Wars And All Were Euro-Americans.

It Is Rare For A Qualified Nuwaubian Moor Officer To Elevate To Lieutenant Colonel, Brigadier General Or Major General, Or Command Sergeant Major, Because He Will Have Power And Control Over All Other Officers Including Europeans And Euro-Americans And Nuwaubian Moors. Many People Will Pretend That These Conditions Don't Exist In The Military, When All You Have To Do Is Ask Any Officer Is This A Reality And If He/She Is Honest, He/She Will Tell You "Yes". This Is Nothing New.


Just As It Is Very Difficult For Nuwaubian Moors To Earn Respect In The Armed Forces, Stories Such As The "Tuskegee Airmen" Still Exist In The Air Force Today. It Is Very Rare That A Nuwaubian Moor Airman Will Earn His Wings. The Tests Are Racially Biased And Are Geared Towards Nuwaubian Moors' Failure. Although Everyone Has Responsibilities, The Responsibilities Of A Soldier Are Not The Same For Nuwaubian Moors As They Are For Euro-Americans. When You Join As An Enlistee Or Officer Of Any Rank Or Position, The Enlisted Persons Have The Responsibility Of Keeping The Lower Ranking Enlisted Service Personals Under Control. For Instance, Keep Them From Forming Any Kind Of Groups Or Clicks That Might Cause Problems For The Officer Or Command. They Don't Want The Nuwaubian Moors To Congregate. They Know When We Come Together, We Will Begin To Think For Ourselves. Although We Won't Question Or Separate The Euro-American Officers. It Is A Weil-Known Fact

That Euro-Americans Are Members Of Racist, Subversive, Neo-Nazi Groups. Now, They Should Not Be Allowed To Congregate Due To Suspicion. Rarely Will A Nuwaubian Moor Have The Responsibility Of Being In Charge Of A Command.


Make Note That The Army Is The Easiest Branch Of Service For Nuwaubian Moors To Enlist Into, Then The Navy, Then The Marines And Lastly The Air Force. This Is Due To The Amount Of The Illusion Of High Positions, Yet They Are Still In Low Position Branches In The Army. The Air Force Is Difficult Because Of Initial Testing And College Qualifications. For Instance, A Service Member Can No Longer Have Just A G.E.D. (General Equivalency Diploma) To Enlist In The Army Or Any Other Branch. You Must Have A High School Diploma To Stay In. Not One Branch Of The Service Wants You To Think. They Only Want You To Follow Instructions, So That They Can Re-Teach You How To Think Like Them, To Only React To Commands.


The Fact Is, Nuwaubian Moors Don't Receive Benefits, Salaries, Retirement Plans, Rank, Assignments, Health Care Benefits, Family Support, Awards, Equal Representation, Opportunities, Responsibilities, Life And Health Insurance As Those Of Europeans And Euro-Americans.

Meaning, If You Are Not Going To Be Treated As An Equal, Then Don't Risk Your Life. By Equal Representation I Mean, If There Are 4 Euro-American Lieutenant Colonels, Then There Should Be 4 Nuwaubian Moor Lieutenant Colonels. Do You Overstand? However, The Way It Is Set Up Now, You Would Have Twenty Euro-American Brigadier Generals To Every One Nuwaubian Moor Brigadier General. For Every Nuwaubian Moor Combat Soldier Put On The Front Line, There Should Be A Euro-American Combat Soldier To Match. This Is What Real Equal Representation And Equal Opportunities Is About.


Anyone Who Has Ever Been In The Armed Forces Knows That There Is Blatant Racism And That What They Refer To As A "Black Officer" Almost Never Receives A Rank Higher Than A Lieutenant. If You Take A Look Back At History At The Civil War Of America, Most Of The Nuwaubian Moors Who Were In Armed Forces Had Separate But Not Equal Facilities.


They Were Not Given The Same Salaries If Any Salary At All. Most Of These Men Were Fighting For Their Freedom Which Many Of Them Did Not Receive After They Fought In The War. This Goes Right On Up To This Day And Time. During World War I, World War II, The Korean War, The Vietnam War, And The Iraqi Wars, These Same Conditions Existed. They Were Still Separate And Unequal. Nor Were They Able To Elevate To A Position Of Lieutenant General And Still Were Considered Less Than Human. Nuwaubian Moors Were Literally Put On The Front Line While Euro-Americans Were Sitting In The Offices.


When The Nuwaubian Moors Excelled In Their Fields, Euro-Americans Stood In Disbelief Trying To Figure

Out How Could An Oppressed People Continue To Grow Through Hundreds Of Years Of Hardships.


Now Many People Will Say "What About Colin Powell?" Colin Powell Was On The Joint Chiefs Of Staff. He Was A Well-Respected Man Who Many Children Admired Both Nuwaubian Moors And Euro Americans. They Couldn't Allow That To Happen. Now, When Colin Powell Tried To Run For The

Presidency, They Pulled Out All Kinds Of Information About His Wife, Alma Powell, Being A Manic Depressive. They Did This In Order To Destroy His Career And His Positive Image. The Same Applies With The New Sex Scandals Of Nuwaubian Moor Officers. With All Of The Information That The Armed Forces Have Access To, They Knew Long Before Colin Powell Ran For Presidency What His Wife's Condition Was. However, They Let Him Become The Military Advisor To The President And Presidential Candidate To Talk About His Wife And Embarrass Him.


You Should Also Know The Laws Of The Country And The Organizations That You Join. For Example In The U.S.A. The "World Book Encyclopedia" Volume 13 Letter M Under Militia On Page 458, Copyright In 1977 A.D. Which Was Just 20 Years Ago, Defines The U.S.A.'s Militia As:



"The U.S. Militia Includes The Air Force Reserves, Air National Guards, Army National Guards, Marine Corps Reserve, And Naval Reserves. Each Of The 13 Colonies In America Required Its Citizens To Enroll And Train In The Militia. Militiamen Formed Almost Half Of The Continental Army That Fought In The American Revolutionary War. The United States Constitution Gave Congress The Right To Call Up The Militia To "Execute The Laws Of The Union. The Militia Act Of 1792 Placed Every "Free Able Bodied White Male Citizen" At The Age Of 18 In The Units To Each State. The Act Of 1903 Made All Male Citizens Subject To Military Services And Set Up The National Guards As The Organized Militia"


All The People In The Military Who Think They Are White, This Doesn't Apply To You. You Are Not A White Person.


If You Were To Split The Races, Caucasian, Mongoloid, Negroid, You Would Fall Under The Blacks, If You Do Not Have Blonde Hair And Blue Eyes.


According The Black Book On Page 90, The Act Of 1924 A.D. In Part


"...It Shall Be Unlawful For Any White Person To Marry Any Save A White Person, Or A Person With No Other Admixture Of Blood Than White And American Indian. The Term "White Person". Shall Apply Only To The Person Who Has No Trace Whatever Of Any Blood Other Than Caucasian. But Persons Who Have One-Sixteenth Or Less Of The Blood Of American Indian, And No Other Caucasic Blood Shall Be Deemed White Persons..."


This Would Also Mean That Every Moor Has The Right To Not Join A Militia Or Military, In This Country, Because They Are Nuwaubian Moors And Your Own Laws State "White Male Citizens". Thus, According To The Laws Of The U.S.A., Nuwaubian Moors Should Not Be Inducted Or Drafted Into Any Form Of Military Which Is The Federal Militia, Where Equal Opportunity Is Not Given Nor Medals. Respect, Nor Honors Upon Honorable Discharge. Every Nuwaubian Moor Should Not Join Fraternities Or Lodges That Do Not Truly And Fairly Accept Us Under Their Charters. Nor Should Any People Be Forced To Convict, Maim, Murder, Or Eliminate Any Other People, Tribe, Nation, Country, Town, City Or Land, For Political,

Economic Or Geographic Gains, By Those Who Do Not Consider Us Equals. However, Under The Treaty Of Peace And Friendship Of 1787 A.D., We As Moors Did Agree To Protect The America And Did So During The Revolutionary War Between America And The British, Where Morocco Sent Ships To Protect The Borders Of America. Likewise America Signed The Treaty Stating That The Moors Who Reside In America Will Be Treated As Equals. So We Nuwaubian Moors Are Supposed To Be Treated As Equals.


Thus, We Reserve The Right To Form A Well-Regulated Militia Which Is Lawful And Necessary To The Security Of A Free State, The Right Of A People To Keep And Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed Upon For The Purpose Of Producing Peaceful People. If The Present Military, CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), FBI (Federal Bureau Investigation), And All Its Branches As Well As The A.T.F. (Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms), National And Coast Guard, Police Force And Its Many Branches, Does Not Protect And Defend A People Within Its Boundaries, That Includes All People Of Color, Then They Have A Right To Protect And Defend Themselves. With This We Must Learn To Live At Peace With Each Other. Military Activities Shall Not Take Place In The Lands And Territories Of The Yamassee Tribe Of Native American, The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, Unless Otherwise Freely Agreed Upon By The Peoples Concerned.


According To Draft Declaration On The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples, E/Cn.4/Sub.2/1994/2/Add.l (1994). Page 1 Article 28States:


"Indigenous peoples have the right to the conservation, restoration and protection of the total environment and the productive capacity of their lands, territories and resources, as well as to assistance for this purpose from States and through international cooperation. Military activities shall not take place in the lands and territories of indigenous peoples, unless otherwise freely agreed upon by the peoples concerned."