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United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors

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We Are Moors 

We Are Moors By Descendants, Race And Nationality 

Here You'll Receive An Overstanding On The Declaration We, The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, The United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors Have Made As Moors.

I, Nayya: Malachi Zodok York-EL Declare That:

Nevertheless, I Am Of The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, And I Am Of Moorish Descent, And After A Long Train Of Abuse And Usurpation’s From The Government Of The United States Of America, It Is My Right, It Is my Duty, To Throw Off The Said Corrupt Government, And To Provide A New Guard For My Future’s Security.

  • Taken From The Declaration Of Independence Of The U.N.N.M. 


I Declare That Nayya: Malachi Zodok York-El, Is A Yamassee Native American, By Tribe And A Moor By Race And Nationality. His Mother Mary C. York Was The Daughter Of Leila Williams And Bobby Williams. Leila Williams’ Maiden Name Is Leila Miller. The Millers And Washingtons’, Who Are Washita Native Americans, Moved From Louisiana As Creoles, And Lived Amongst The Geechees In Charleston, South Carolina. Leila Was Also The Daughter Of Dwight, Who Was The Mother Of Mary C. Williams, Who Married David P. York, Who Was Her Second Cousin. (Refer To Chart On Page 108). Annie Was The Mother Of Dwight And The Seminole Wife Of Ben York, And Her Tribal Name Is Sun Beam. Now Bobby Williams, Mary C. York’s Father, Was An Egyptian Moor Named, Salah Hailak Al Ghalat, A Merchant Seaman From A Little Village Called Beluwla, In Nubia Of Ancient Egypt. Back Then The Egyptians Dressed In Black Suits And Crimson –Colored Fezes, Being Of Moorish Descent. So Nayya: Malachi Zodok York- El, Is Also Related To Ben York, On His Mother And Father’s Side.