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U.N.N.M. Constitution

U.N.N.M. Constitution


These affirmations are declarations by a person and or persons who have taken an oath to the U.N.N.M.

  • First And Foremost Let Us State That We Are Back On Our Holy Land, Wahanee, The Golden City In  Georgia, Which We Call Kodesh. This Is Only A Small Part Of Our Land.




We Affirm     

That To Refuse To Understand Another's Culture Is To Refuse Your Own. We Must Never Be So Small Minded As To Hold Prejudice. We Must Instead, Seek To Understand Those Who Would Attempt To Harm Us. The Latter Not Understanding That All Peoples Contribute To The Diversity And Richness Of Civilizations And Cultures, Which Constitute The Common Heritage Of Humankind, And That Any Form Of Assimilation Or Integration By Other Cultures Or Ways Of Life Imposed On Indigenous People By Legislative, Administrative Or Other Measures; Are Racist, Scientifically False, Legally Invalid, Morally Condemnable And Socially Unjust. Respect For Indigenous Knowledge, Cultures And Traditional Practices Contributes To Sustainable And Equitable Development And Proper Management Of The Environment.


A Written Constitution Comprises The Fundamental Laws Of Nature Which Insures Justice, Liberty, Freedom, Domestic Tranquillity, General Welfare, And Common Defense. It Comprises Laws Governing The Political, Economical And Social Fountain Of A Nation. The Spiritual, Cultural And Educational Qualities Are Based On And Depend On The Positiveness Of This Nation's Government, As Well As The Governments Of Existing Indigenous Nations. Those Said Nation Being "Indigenous Peoples", And The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors, Governing Also The Individuals Of That Nation, That Said Nations Being The United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors. 


We Affirm

The Fact That The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, The United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors Known As The U.N.N.M.,Don't Have To Be Freed, Because We Were Never Slaves, Or Would You Rather Remain What They Term "Indian, Negro, Afro-American, West Indian, Nigger, American Negro, Or Colored", Which Are Labels Of The Union Sociologists Of North America, U.S.A., Who Adopted The Word Slave From The Term Slavic, Of Which It Originated, For Their Captives. This Is The Very Weapon Which They Coined To Steal Your Birth Rights, Identity, Achievements, And Even Zeal For Life. The Pains, The Cruelties, The Unnecessary Murders, The Lynchings, The Castrations, The Stealing Of Our Land, Kidnapping, Rapes, The Raw Suffrage And Torturing Of Our Ancestors Are Still Going On Today, And Is Felt Today By Us, Their Descendants, Mentally Spiritually And Physically. These Fact Cannot Be Altered. This Union Sociologists Of North America, U.S.A. Are Destructive To Us. 


Remember This Fact, If The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, The United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors Were To Present The Written U.N.N.M. Constitution To The United States' Judges And Law Makers, In Their Court Rooms, And Demand Them To Produce Their Written Constitution To Defy Our Written U.N.N.M. Constitution, They Must Confine Themselves To Their Written U.N.N.M. Constitution In Order To Defy The United States' Constitution. If The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, The United Nuwaubian Nation Of MoorsDemand Of The United States Law Makers And Judges, As Long As They Are In Session, To Not Ever Talk Of Your U.N.N.M. Constitution Off The Record, Then The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, The United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors Must Always Refer Them To The Statutes Of Our U.N.N.M. Constitution From The First Statute To The Last. Otherwise, You Will Trap Yourself And Thus Become The Victim Of Them. So Beware. 


In Life, Every Member Of The U.N.N.M. Is Well Qualified To Defend Their Inalienable Rights in Their Own Courts, By Their Own U.N.N.M. Constitution, The Greatest Protection Law Of Self Defense. If A Member Of The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, The United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors Employs A Lawyer, Who Is Not Concerned With Your Rights As An Indigenous Person, They Then Have Surrendered Their Rights Of Their Own Constitution To The Lawyer, Judge, And Jurors; Thus Becoming Their Slave, Which Is Why They Ask For A Plea, Without The Inalienable Right To Defy Them, And Thus Will Never Get A Fair Deal Or Settlement In Their Courts Of Laws. In The Event That A Member Of The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, The United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors Stands Accused In Any Court Of The United States, The Only Judge That Has The Right To Preside Over The Court Is A Judge According To The Third Article, Section One, Of The United States Constitution, Where It States: 


Third Article, Section 1. The Judicial Power Of The United States, Shall Be Vested In One Supreme Court, And In Such Inferior Courts As The Congress May From Time To Time Ordain And Establish.  The Judges, Both Of The Supreme And Inferior Courts, Shall Hold Their Offices During GoodBehaviour, And Shall, At Stated Times, Receive For Their Services, A Compensation, Which Shall Not Be Diminished During Their Continuance In Office.


So, Any Judge's Salary That Has Been Diminished During His Term In Office, Meaning He Has Paid Taxes, Insurance, Or Benefits, Or Any Type Of Deduction Is Not A Judge, Because According To The Constitution, Their Compensation Or Salary Shall Not Be Diminished. Thus, No Other Judge Can Preside Over The Court According To The Third Article Of The Constitution, Because They Are Not Judges, And Therefore They Are Not Qualified To Preside In Any Court Room Of The United States. 


If A Member Of The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, The United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors Is Not Tried By A Judge According To The Third Article Of The Constitution, Then A Writ Of Certiorari Is In Order To Set The Record Straight. This Writ Of Certiorari Is A Direct Order From A Superior Court To A Lower Court, Or To A Public Officer Or Public Board, To Send The Record Of The Proceedings To The Superior Court For Review. The Higher Court Studies The Record While The Case Is Still Pending And Decides Whether Or Not The Inferior Court Is Acting In Accordance With The Law. The Superior Court Does Not Judge The Proceedings According To The Account, They Only Review The  Legal Aspects Of The Case, Such As Whether The Lower Court Has Jurisdiction To Try The Case.


The Term Writ Of Certiorari Comes From The Latin Certiorari Which Is The Infinite Of The Word Certiorare, Literally Meaning "To Make More Certain", From Certior, Comparative To Certus, Meaning "Sure, Certain". The Word Writ Comes From The Old English Word Writ, Which Means "That Which Is Written". The Past Participle Of Writan, Which Means "To Engrave, Write". So, If Any "Judge" Refuses To Step Down, To Let A Real Judge Preside Over Your Case, Then Call A Writ, Which Is Also Defined As "To Reduce In Rank, Value, Or Price", Which Is Legal And Binding. You Can Also Call A Writ Of Habeas Corpus, Which Is A Writ That Orders The Public Official To Produce The Victim In A Higher Court. The Court Will Then Determine If The Public Official Has The Legal Right To Hold Or Detain The Victim. This Writ, Habeas Corpus Is Also Referred To As "Writ Of Liberty", And Is Enforced In Article 1 Section 9 Of The Constitution Of The United States, Where It States:


"The Privilege Of The Writ Of Habeas Corpus Shall Not Be Suspended Unless When  In Cases Of Rebellion Or Invasion The Public Safety May Require It." 

According To Article 6 Of The Constitution Of The United States States: "The Judges Of The United States Are Bound To The Constitution And The Laws Of The United States Which Shall Be Made In Pursuance Thereof, And All Treaties Made Or Which Shall Be Made, Under The Authority Of The United States, Shall Be The Supreme Law Of The Land...," Thus Judicial Power Shall Extend To All Cases, In Law And Equity, Arising Under Their Constitution, The Laws Of The United States, And Treaties Made, Or Which Shall Be Made, Under The Authority Of The United States To All Cases. The Moors Are To Be Treated Equal To The Citizens Of The United States, According To The Treaty Of Peace And Friendship #244-1 On June 28, 1786 A.D., With A Ratification Date Of July 18, 1787 A.D., Between Morocco And The United States, And Was Renewed In 1836 A.D., And Is Still In Effect Today. 


Thus, According To Article 6, Of The Constitution Of The United States, A Treaty Is The Supreme Law Of The Land, And Only A Judge According To The Third Article Of The Constitution Can Preside Over Any Moor's Case Or Any Case For That Matter.


Article 6 Concludes "...And The Judges In Every State Shall Be Bound Thereby, Any Thing In The Constitution Or Laws Of Any State To The Contrary Notwithstanding. The Senators And Representatives Before Mentioned, And The Members Of The Several State Legislatures, And All Executive And Judicial Officers, Both Of The United States And Of The Several States, Shall Be Bound By Oath Or Affirmation, To Support This Constitution;...".

We Affirm 

We Affirm That A Member Of The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors Cannot Be Convicted On False Charges Or Accusations, Frame-Ups, Set Ups Or Cohersion Or Entrapment Or The Likes. 

We Affirm

That The Evidence Against A Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors Must Be Concrete Proof Beyond Any Doubt.


We Affirm

That Our Nation Of Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors, Shall Never Be Destroyed For His Or Her Lack Of Knowledge Of The Truth About The Laws And Constitutions Of Other Nations, And He Or She Will Be Able To Defend Him Or Herself With Facts.