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United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors

National Tel: 1-855-HTM-UNNM (486-8666)
P.O. Box 720

Temple, GA  30179

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President & Chief of the United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moor, Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans - Nayya: Asaru Amun-EL

Chief Asaru Address The Nuwaupians

What You May Not Know!

Chief Asaru speaks on Drew Ali and others

The Blueprint To Uniting!  Part 1

Chief Asaru Address Questions On Dr. York

A Message To The Slanderers!

Chief Asaru Speaks On Dr. King And Others

Why Our People Must Come Together!  Part.2

Chief Asaru Walks On The Nation's Capital

Some Plans For Our Nation's Future!

Chief Asaru On "Black Lives Matter"

How The U.N.N.M. Can Help!  Part 3

Maku: Chief Black Eagle, Nayya: Malachi Zodok York-EL

Recorded Classes From Dr. Malachi Z. York-EL;    Maku: "Chief" Black Eagle

We Are Washita

The story of Ben York

Metaphysics Of Moorish Sovereignty

How the Yamassee uprising began

We were already here as Moors

How we lived before the invaders of 1492

Yamassee Moorish Education

We must enforce our U.N.N.M. Constitution

Leave My Stuff Alone

We have to have our own.

Leave My Stuff Alone

Lets come together withing the Nuwaubian Nation

Egyptian Mysteries Revealed

All learning comes from Nuwaubians (Egyptians)

Proving The Existence Of The Most High

We must overtsand who GOD is and who GOD isn't

Hidden Meanings In Free Masonry

The truth behind the meaning and symbolism