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U.N.N.M. Constitution

U.N.N.M. Constitution


Statute 3 Describes Why It Is Necessity For Us Nuwaubian Moors To Change The Way We Think As A People For The Better In Order To Ensure Peace And Stability Among Ourselves And Our Posterity. Statute 3 Also Describes In Depth The Inhumane, Unjust, Lack Of Equal Opportunity, And Castigation Of African Americans (Blacks) In The United States Of America By Euro-Americans And Foreigners.

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We The People ,       

Must Learn To Assimilate, To Distribute, And To Pass Judgment Justly And With Impartiality. Not As We Presently Live In An Unjust And Inhumane Government, Which Is Biased To The Euro-Americans And Foreigners, Who Do Not Have The Better Interest, Or Security Of A Free State, Nor The Rights Of The People To Self Determination And Fair Judicial Practices In Mind, Under Their Present Self-Established Penal Systems And Courts Without Justice For All. They Don’t Have Our People In Their Hearts And Their Minds, To Receive Fair Treatment, Though They Claim “In God We Trust”. 

We The People , 

Must Change The Condition Of The State Of Mind That We Are In. In Order To Live In A Harmonious, Well-Balanced, Stable, Peaceful Environment. We Have To Change The Course Of Our Lives For The Better, Which Will Change The Way Our Children Were And Are Being Programmed. We Must Create Environments Suitable And Protective, Not As They Live Presently, In A Destructive Government, Without Proper Representation, Without Equal Media Exposure Or Fair Depiction’s, Without Equal Opportunity In The Work Forces Of The Country, That Is Job And Position Opportunities, In The Scientific Community And The Medical Field. There Is Not Fair Representation In The Penal System, There Is Not Fair Representation In The Judicial System, There Is Not Fair Representation In The Political Community, There Is Not Fair Representation As Well In Banking, Investment, Trade, In Stocks, Bonds, In The Education Department As Far As Positions, And Salary And Retirements, Health And Benefits.


We Do Not Receive Equal Opportunities, Nor Are We Respected For Our Historical Contributions, To These Fields Being The First In All Of Them. Without Respect Historically Nor With Appreciation Or Proper Protection And Security Which Affects Our Safety, Happiness, Health And Future For Our Family, And As Far As Military, Being Abducted Or Drafted In A Defense Of A Government That Does Not Have Our Best Interest In Mind, Nor Do We Get Equal And Fair Treatment At Home, As Well As Abroad. 

According To The Charter Of The United Nations, Under International Economic And Social Co- Operation, Article 55 And I Quote: 

“With a view to the creation of conditions of stability and well-being which are necessary for peaceful and friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples, the United Nations shall promote: 

A. Higher standards of living, full employment, and conditions of economic and social progress and development;

B. Solutions of international economic, social, health, and related problems; and international cultural and educational cooperation; and 

C. Universal Respect For, And Observance Of, Human Rights And Fundamental Freedoms For All Without Distinction As To Race, Sex, Language, Or Religion.”