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United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors

National Tel: 1-855-HTM-UNNM (486-8666)
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Temple, GA  30179

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The Administration

Office of The Maku/ S.G.M. (Chief/ President)


The Maku/ Supreme Grand Master is both President or simply "Supreme Grand Master" of The Governing Body of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, and Chief or simply "The Maku"  of the Nuwaubian Nation armed forces.


Under U.N.N.M. Const. par. 6, stat 19 § 1 of the U.N.N.M. Constitution, The Maku/ Supreme Grand Master is vested with Executive Power. The Maku/ Supreme Grand is responsible for the execution and enforcement of the laws created by The Governing Body. 

Under U.N.N.M. Const. par. 5, stat 18 § 12 of the U.N.N.M. Constitution, The Maku/ Supreme Grand Master has the power either to sign legislation into law or to reject proposals enacted by The Governing Body with his objections  sent to the State in which it shall have originated, who shall enter the objections at large on their journal, at which time you may proceed for reconsideration.


If the proposal shall  not be returned by the Maku/ Supreme Grand Master within six to eight weeks, they may call Kodesh to find out the status. The Executive Office conducts diplomacy with other nations, and the Maku/ Supreme Grand Master has the power to negotiate and sign treaties, which must pass through all States and Ambassadors before it can be ratified.


The Maku/ Supreme Grand Master also has unlimited power to extend pardons and clemencies for government crimes.

Office of the Vice President (Assistant Chief)


The primary responsibility of the Vice President/ Asst. Chief of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors is to assist the The Maku/ Supreme Grand Master/ Matron on day-to-day matters of national affairs. The Vice President serves at the pleasure of The Maku/ Supreme Grand Master/ Matron.

That aside, the Vice President carries an important role of being a buffer system between The Maku and national affairs as they relate to the day-to-day matters. Ensuring all national affairs make their way to The Maku so that they can be addressed promptly and efficiently.   

Office of the Attorney General (Chief General)


Is the head of the Nuwaubian Nation Ministry of Justice, concerned with the legal affairs of the Yamassee Tribe, U.N.N.M. and is the Chief law enforcement officer of the Nuwaubian Moor government. The Chief Attorney General serves as a member of The Maku/ Supreme Grand Master's Sacred Council. The Chief Attorney General is hand selected by the Maku/ Supreme Grand Master of the U.N.N.M. He or she serves at the leisure of the Maku/ Supreme Grand Master and can be replaced at any time.