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Maku speaks... "Who are the Moabites and Canaanites"? For the Moorish Science Temple of America !!!

September 18, 2015



Question: Who are the Moabites?


Answer: the name Moab is the key. It means "of my father". Moab was the son of Lot (Genesis 19: 37), the son of Haran (Genesis 11: 57), the son of Terah (Genesis 11: 26); and "these are the son of Terah" ( Genesis 11:27), the Chaldean, father of Abram, the Chaldean (Genesis 11:28). They were Assyrians or Arameans by birth (Genesis 25:20). Moab was born in incestrual act. An ancient Sumerian & Egyptian practice that was not scorned on before the Torah, law of Israel (Leviticus chapter 18). This was a new law after Lot's time, created for genetically recessive people, who had a fear of defective genes, by sexual contact with relatives too close. It is still practiced throughout the Arab world and Africa today.


So Lot being the son of Haran, the Syrian makes the Moabites Assyrians, from Asshur, the second son of Shem (Genesis 10:22), making the Moabites, Shemites, and not under the curse of Canaan (Genesis 9:25), acres that was not cast on Ham, as Taught by the Talmud/ Mishna, and the Mormon sect of Christians, but rather on Canaan whose eleven sons were cursed. And in the Islamic world according to The Dictionary Of Islam, by Thomas Patrick Hughes, are totally confused about Kan-an, claiming that this Canaan was the unbelieving son of Noah, and actually have recorded in their (Qur'an 11:41-43), as the son of Noah who drowned in the flood, by his wife Wa-llah. A total fabrication of mis-information, for according to the Torah, (Genesis 9:18) Canaan was the son of ham. Thus, the so-called Holy Quran of the orthodox Muslim world has historical and genealogy mistakes. None of Noah's sons, according to the Torah drown in the flood, as mentioned in the Qur'an, a book they claim they believe in (Qur'an 2:136)


Question who are the Canaanites and their descendants?


Answer: Canaan had in at eleven sons. The first (1st) one we hear spoken of is Sidon or Zidon. Sidon called Phoenicia, by the Greeks. Keeping this in mind, let us examine their doings. Phoenicians history relates that they were traders. In this, live their significant role in history, which day old largely to the geographical location and the topographical features of their country. In there narrow, mountainous strip of land on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, they found little opportunity for agriculture, but always excellent seaports (notably Sidon and Tyre), they became the foremost navigators of their time.The Sidonites (Phoenicians) established colonies as remote as Cadiz in Spain, traded with Gaul and Britain (from which they imported Tin), and through their widespread activities Carrie Egyptian and Babylonian civilization to many areas of the Mediterranean coast. The Sidonites (Phoenicians) also made alliances with Nubian colonies like Carthage, who later were also mistakenly called Phoenicians. Today these for Nation still reside in Lebanon, Syria, North Africa and make up part of the population of the southern part of Europe. These are the Mediterranean type Caucasians. They, however, remain under cover too many people. Sidonites are known today as Lebanese and Sicilian (Southern Italians). Sidon is Libana's (Canaan) eldest son; his name means "fortified". Sidon's wives' name were Samaat and Ginna.


The second (2nd)  son of Libana (Canaan), Heth, meaning "terrible" and his wives' names were Wilaat and Sybele. He was also considered "the father of the Hittites", it was a very popular son. As the story goes, the land of Asia Minor or Anatolia (modern Turkey) plays an important role in the development of Western civilization or paleman's civilization. The peninsula was not a self-contained unit, as was the Nile Valley. Instead, it fell into several geographic regions including the Aegean coast. The Hittites dwelt here and constructed a powerful empire. Thus, the culture of the Hittites combine indigenous elements rooted in expansion from Concord and neighboring people. The neighboring people were Amorites, Girgashites, Arvadites, Hamathites, and other Canaanite descendants. These neighboring tribes of Canaanites descent, who call themselves Phrygians and Lydians, conquered and overthrew the Hittite Empire.


The third (3rd) son of Libana (Canaan) was Jebus, and his wife's name was Salima. The word Jebusite means "dryness". The Jebusites first ruled the Hurrian Tribe (The Hivites); they join together during the Jebusites reign. According to the Bible, Jebusites inhabited Jerusalem, then were displaced by the incoming Israelites, who were leaving from there bondage in Mizraim (Egypt). The Jebusites mixed with the Israelites from Egypt. This took place during the year 1000 B.C.E. Today, they are called "Jews" occupy Jerusalem and living in America, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Australia, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia.


The fourth (4th) son was Amorite. Amorite means "mountain dweller" his wives' names were Qiynat and Dina. This Sun has intermingled with the rest of the seven younger brothers. The Hurrians (Hivites) were widely diffused throughout the Near East. They mixed their seed with the people of the Mesopotamia, and to Anatolian Syria, and today they are known as Edomites, Japanese and some Chinese and black Indonesians. Incoming "Canaanite tribes", related by calling themselves Kassites, brought and end to Hammurabi's Kingdom. These Kassites where Julie by Hittites and Hurrians (Horites). 
The emerging led to the subsequent takeover of the Mesopotamia region. To the west of Babylon was Celam. Their land remain safe, until the letter penetration of Iranians (Amorites). Note the frequent use of the name Aryan. Most people do not know that the names "Aryan" and "Amorite" come from the Semitic languages. Aryan is a term denoting nobility, and not a tribal name. This came from Sanskrit, then letter from Semitic sources. It was from the son of Libana (Canaan), "The Amorite", that we get sub tribes, which call themselves indo-aryan, Iranian, and Kassite: from the Indo-Aryan group we get the French, Germans, Spaniards, English, Dutch, East Indians, etc. Nimrod brought Amorites into the land of Shinar. 


He built Babel in other cities. His successor Hammurabi, sixth King of the Babylonian dynasties, recorded Nimrod's code, which later came to be known as the Code of Hammurabi. Amorite and Hurrian mixtures, constructed the Mitanni Empire. Also in this empire or indo-aryans. The Hittites Empire was also in this region. Through this see you get what is called Armenians, Turks, Kurds, Georgians, or the people of the trans-Caucasus region. it is from the intermingling of Amorites, Hittites, and Horites that we get the Coexistence Empire. Assyrians were composed from Asshur, son of Shem, Horites, Amorites, Hittites. This area was indeed a melting pot! The dispersion of Amorites from the Syrian Highland into the European continent, and it types from Anatolia, brought about sub tribes who called themselves Hellenic, Macedonians, Athenians, Spartans, or Laconians, Scythians, Samaritans, Goth, Celts, Illyrians, Vandals, Magyars, Normans, Danes, and Lombards. Most of the sub-tribal names evolve from the names of Goddesses, or Gods; other names were descriptive of a physical trait or a cultural tradition. 


Canaan's fifth (5th) son's name was Girgashite, which means "Rough", and his wives' names were Betha and Qamar. This tribe mixed their seed with Amorites, Canaanites, phrytons and Lydians. Today they are French and American.


Hivite was the sixth (6th) son of Libana (Canaan). His wives' names were Mayya and Zaynab. The tribal name was Hivites and Hurrians. They live in Palestine, where the Hivites settle in a city call Edom. From this city, the Hivites mixed with Esau. (Son of Issac), through his wife Aholiba'mah. She had three sons named Karoh, Japhlam and Jeush (to retrace). Today they are known as Europeans, Koreans, and Mongols ( Koreans and Mongols are Nubians who have mixed their seed).


Arkite, was the seventh (7th) son of Libana (Canaan) and his wives' name were Nayyat and Amma. They basically migrated to a town of Arga northwest of try Tripoli and Syria. Their history is basically lost and they mixed their seed with Amorites and Lydians. They are known today as British, Australian, Irish an American.


The eighth (8th) son of Libana (Canaan) was Sinite, which means "yearly". His wives' names were Yabanat and Zillah. They mixed their seeds with other Canaanite tribes. They were located in Lebanon (Mount Sion). They are presently known as Dutch people.


The ninth (9th) son is Arvadite, his name means "to diverse" his wives' name were Deborah and Sadaw. The Arvadites migrated to northern Syria where they became great sailors, warriors, and military soldiers. They intermingle with invading tribes such as the Amorites and other Canaanite tribes. Eventually, they dispersed and mixed with the Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians. They are known today as Northern Italians.


Zemarite (10th) Means "Counsel"; his wives' names were Marilyn and Sakiyna.  Zemarite migrated to the city of Syria in Lebanon and Sumra. They too mixed there seed with the Amorite and are known as Scottish people.


Last, but not least, is the Hamathite tribe (11th). Hamathite means "The Darkest"; his wives' names were Gwin and Bada'a. They migrated into the city of Hameth and Syria. They mixed their seed with the Amorite Kingdom during the 1370's, as well as with the Hittites. During this time the Hamathites were conquered by the Assyrians. The Hamathites also intermingle with Armacarians during 720 B.C. they were a tribe that constantly remain under siege, by other tribes that wanted to take control of their city and wealth.


These invasions or follow by many others, including Muslims, Egyptians, and Turkish Group. They are known today as East Indians, and Pakistanis; they are black. Indo-european is the most important language family. About half the people in the world speak a language that belongs to this family. Scholars divide the indo-european languages into several groups, such as Germanic, Romantic, and Balto-Slavic. The tribes of Libana (Canaan) are today the Hamathite tribe of India. This is the result of race mixing. 


So once the Canaanites had been cursed as albinos, that lost their souls (spirit) (Joshua 5:1). They set out to spread terror by mixing their seed (Deuteronomy 7:3), where they were told not to marry them. And the reason is that they will turn your children away from following The Most High (Anu) and have you serving of the Gods (Allah), for an ancient times before the Quran Allah were merely a moon deity. So these albinos cursed Canaanites mixed in that land, called Morocco. Today Morocco is a melting pot of various tribes of various races, but the indigenous people of that land are nuwbuns, who's the land extended all the way across the Atlantic before it existed, which is called continental drift, when America broke away from Africa. Both of these people are Negros, blacks, colored, Afro American, nor where they Muslims, Hebrews, Israelites, or Christians. These migrations predating monotheism, a Hindu teaching that spread throughout the world. Monos, is the Greek god of sarcasm and pain, and Theos is Greek for "spectator". Before the spread of religions, we live by love, in truth, and peace, with freedom and justice for all. With this information as The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors as we meet on the square with our brothers from the Moorish Science Temple (MSTA or MST of A), it is important that we communicate in peace and harmony, for we all must become one as Moors.

























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