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Maku Speaks...debates with Sheik Way-El aka Lord Abba on "Nation building".

The question has surfaced recently when Chief Nayya Asaru Ankh Amun-El, Maku: Black Eagle Feather of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors (UNNM) received a call in his office from moorish activist Sheik Way-El a.k.a. "Lord Abba" of the Moorish Science Temple of America (MSTA). The debate extended from the U.N.N.M. social media site on Facebook Aug. 7, 2015  and it starts with a question, here it how the debate went.


Sheik Way-El Islam. How does one become a citizen of Nuwaubu? Please explain this to me.without the Mr. Magoo legal research. Ali Bey

August 7 at 9:52am 


Sheik Way-El All I need to know is how can one become a citizen of Nuwaubu

August 7 at 10:16am 


Nayya Asaru Ankh Amun-El Sheik Way-El, visit our national website There you will find the information you seek about our Nationalization process.

August 7 at 10:23am


Sheik Way-El Islam. Here is the legal definition of nation;
















August 7 at 10:27am 


Nayya Asaru Ankh Amun-El Sheik Way-El, our nation is the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors. Nuwaubu is our culture. Please visit and Refer to "our government" tab under our UNNM constitution statute 1 "truth" will clear any questions you may have about our nation as it pertains to "Nuwaubu"


August 7 at 10:28am


Sheik Way-El The key component in the definition is having a HISTORICAL CONTINUITY. Where can we find the people called Nuwaupu before the word was invented?

August 7 at 10:28am 


Sheik Way-El I am on your website. I see nothing that speaks to how one can become a citizen of Nuwaupia. Where is the country of Nuwaupia located?

August 7 at 10:28am 


Nayya Asaru Ankh Amun-El Sheik Way-El, Nuwaupia...isn't our nation. Again we are the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors. Our language is Nuwaubic, our culture is Nuwaubu and we refer to ourselves as Nuwaubian Moors. Again if you have the time visit our website 

Now to address your question. As a people we reserve the right to choose what we want to call ourselves as outlined in our UNNM Declaration of independence also found on our website

August 7 at 10:33am 


Sheik Way-El I am on the website beloved. I see nothing that answers my inquiry

August 7 at 10:35am 


Sheik Way-El Can you give me the direct link?

August 7 at 10:35am 


Maku: Chief Black Eagle Feather Yes brother Sheik Way-El. here it is for you!our-unnm-constitution/c11iz

August 7 at 10:41am


Sheik Way-El To save myself the trouble of reading this whole page, I have keyworded "citizen". I have come across the second use of the word on this page like this:

"They Both Describe The Political Body Who, According To Our Republican Constitutions Form The Sovereignty, And Who Hold The Power And Conduct The Government Through Their Representation. They Are What We Familiarly Call The Sovereign People, And Every Citizen Is A Part Of This People, And A Constituent Member Of This Sovereignty."

That is NOT what is meant with the use of that phrase in the Scott case or any other. Sovereignty as spoken of in the U.S. is conferred upon the States of the Union as is used in this instance. The people are not sovereigns indvidually, they are a collective sovereignty only under the constitution and laws of that state. You cannot use that definition of sovereignty to define an Indian or indigenous tribe. You would have to use language that is used in the legal determination of an indigenous Indian tribe.

In Other Words We Are Communicating To You The Fact Of Our Status As An Indigenous And Sovereign Nation.

August 7 at 10:46am 


Maku: Chief Black Eagle Feather Sheik Way-El, also to address your concerns about "HISTORICAL CONTINUITY". We moors who are Indigenous to to the America have a long record of HISTORICAL CONTINUITY as Olmecs, Yamassee, Washitaw to name a few. Now keep in mind.... that definition didn't say one must have HISTORICAL CONTINUITY to be a nation. It reads you must be an "Organized Society" we are. You must inhabit a "distinct portion of the earth" We do "America", you must speak the "same language" we do "Nuwaubic", you must use the "same customs" we do "Nuwaubu" and you must have "HISTORICAL CONTINUITY" we do "As mothers and fathers of civilization" by whatever name we have as moors or native americans. I hope this is of some help to you to overstand our position.

August 7 at 10:50am


Sheik Way-El <<<According To Article 6 Of The Constitution Of The United States States: "The Judges Of The United States Are Bound To The Constitution And The Laws Of The United States Which Shall Be Made In Pursuance Thereof, And All Treaties Made Or Which Shall Be Made, Under The Authority Of The United States, Shall Be The Supreme Law Of The Land...," Thus Judicial Power Shall Extend To All Cases, In Law And Equity, Arising Under Their Constitution, The Laws Of The United States, And Treaties Made, Or Which Shall Be Made, Under The Authority Of The United States To All Cases. The Moors Are To Be Treated Equal To The Citizens Of The United States, According To The Treaty Of Peace And Friendship #244-1 On June 28, 1786 A.D., With A Ratification Date Of July 18, 1787 A.D., Between Morocco And The United States, And Was Renewed In 1836 A.D., And Is Still In Effect Today.>>>

Anybody born in the United States are automatically considered citizens. You cite Justice Curtis's decision on this page but I do not believe that you understood it because this is exactly what Justice Curtis and Justice Mclean, the two dissenting Justices noted in their dissents. The treaty does not give us the rights of citizens today, us being born here and being involved int he political activity does.

August 7 at 10:51am


Sheik Way-El Justice John Mclean, one of the dissenters in the Dred Scot case, using the strict interpretation of the Constitution stated:


“Being born under our Constitution and laws, no naturalization is required, as one of foreign birth, to make him a citizen. The most general and appropriate definition of the term citizen is “a freeman.” Being a freeman, and having his [Dred Scott] domicil in a State different from that of the defendant, he is a citizen within the act of Congress, and the courts of the Union are open to him.”

August 7 at 10:51am


Sheik Way-El Justice Curtis in his dissent declared:

“It has been further objected, that if free colored persons, born within a particular State, and made citizens of that State by its Constitution and laws, are thereby made citizens of the United States, then, under the second section of the fourth article of the Constitution, such persons would be entitled to all the privileges and immunities of citizens in the several States; and if so, then colored persons could vote, and be eligible to not only Federal offices, but offices even in those States whose Constitutions and laws disqualify colored persons from voting or being elected to office.”

August 7 at 10:51am 


Sheik Way-El How can you show your cultural link to the Yamassee or the Olmecs? 


For the definition of nationality or nation, it does not SPECIFY which language you speak, that is not an issue. You can trace yourselves back and prove it? Can you for instance prove your Yamassee bloodline? Customs are determined by mannerisms and dress and ritual practices and worships. But is your nation legitimate? How can one become a citizen of something that has no geographical boundaries?

August 7 at 10:55am


Sheik Way-El These questions must be asked, these debates must be had. Pardon me if any of you are offended but when I am asked these questions, we simply show and prove.

August 7 at 10:57am


Maku: Chief Black Eagle Feather Brother Sheik Way-El, you must know that in order to have a full knowledge of what you are asking, and it is given to's unwise to feel as if you are.... if I may quote you "To save myself the trouble of reading this whole page,. You must do your do diligence to seek the answers you ask questions to.... especially when the answers are given to you. I have addressed all of your questions. Now you have a new concern "Citizen". I can address that too if you like. Or you can just call my office 855-486-8666 ext. 702

August 7 at 10:58am


Sheik Way-El We can prove that all of our people are Moors. 
We can prove that we are the modern day descendants of the ancient Moabites.
We can prove that we have descended from the people who were the ancient Canaanites in the ancient land of Canaan. We can prove that we have a historical continuity.

I am simply asking can you all do the same.

August 7 at 10:58am 


Sheik Way-El I just dialed the number

August 7 at 11:00am


Nayya Asaru Ankh Amun-El I was just talking to Sheik Way-El, somehow our conversation was terminated while I was speaking. But I think the brother Sheik Way-El got the message.

August 7 at 11:36am


Sheik Way-El Indeed, I got the message and as we were speaking, I was posting up links to show that what you were saying, is not on point.

August 7 at 11:37am


Nayya Asaru Ankh Amun-El The Moorish Science Temple is a corporation under their 501-c3 status. Which puts them under the USA. Corporations can not nationalize anyone. Only Free States (Nations) can do this.

August 7 at 11:39am 


Nayya Asaru Ankh Amun-El What you shared wasn't on point. But I did my best to share. We have a government. We have a constitution. We have a National Flag. We have our own Language. I have posted our nation's government page. Can you now post how we can get in touch with your government.  

What is your governments website? 

I'll wait...

August 7 at 11:42am


Sheik Way-El Nayya Asaru Ankh Amun-El, it is obvious that you have absolute NO CLUE as to what or how we operate. Our organization is a REPRESENTATIVE of our nation and you do NOT nationalize when you become a member of the M.S.T. of A. we already Moorish Americans, our ignorance, is what keeps us from understanding this. Our nationalityh card declares you a MOSLEM under the Great Koran of Mecca and IT'S laws. During our =whole convo, you didn't answer my question, how do you become a citizen of the U.N .N. M

August 7 at 11:42am




It is important to note that Sheik Way-El says that "you do NOT nationalize when you become a member of the M.S.T. of A. we already Moorish Americans" part. However when we visit their website we see things like this...


"Why you must proclaim your nationality“​


With us ​all members must proclaim their nationality and we are teaching our people their nationality and their divine creed that they may know that they are a part and a partial of this said government, and know that they are not Negroes, Colored Folks, Black People, or Ethiopians, because these names were given to slaves by slave holders in 1779 and lasted until 1865 during the time of slavery, but this is a new era of time now, and all men now must proclaim their free national name to be recognized by the government in which they live and the nations of the ​earth​​​​​…”  Act 6, Divine Constitution and By-Laws of the Moorish Science Temple of America by The Holy and Divine

Prophet, Noble Drew Ali."


Now before I address this statment above let's first define some key words here according to Blacks Law Dictionary 9th addition (Most Current Addition) first.


1.) PROCLAIM: To declare formally or officially.


2.) NATION: A large group of people having a common origin, language, and tradition (sitation added- CULTURE)  and usually constituting a political entity.


3.) NATIONALITY: 1. NATION  (1). 2. The relationship between a citizen of a nation and the nation itself, customarily involving allegiance by the citizen and protection by the state.


4.) NATIONALIZE: 1. To act of bringing an industry under governmental control or ownership. 2. The act of giving a person the status of a citizen. Also see NATURALIZATION.


5.) CITIZEN: A person who, by either birth or naturalization, is a member of a political community, owing allegiance to the community and being entitled to enjoy all its civil rights and protections; a member of a civil state, entitiled to all its privileges.


6.) MEMBER: One of the indiviuals of whom an orginization or deliberative assembly consists, and who enjoys the full rights of participating in the organization.


7.) ORGANIZATION: 1. A body of persons (such as a union or corporation) formed for a common purpose. 2. See UNION.


8.) UNION: An organization formed to negotiate with employers, on behalf of workers collectively, about job-related issues such as salary, benefits, hours, and working conditions.


9.) STATE: 1. The political system of a body of people who are politically organized; the system of rules by which jurisdiction and authoruty are exercised over such a body of people. NATION2. An istitution whithin a larger political entity; esp., one of the costituent parts of a nation having a federal government.


10.) SOVEREIGN STATE: A state that possess an independent existence, being complete in itself, without being merely part of a larger whole to whose government it is subject.


So by now you should be well versed in the legality of these words as they pertain to the subject at matter.


If one was to go Sheik Way-El's website you will see nothing about a nation of people. What you will see religious information and how to become a "Member" of their club/ company M.S.T of A.


Below you will see the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors Constitution front and back with our own flag which can be found at our national website They don't have a constitution or their own flag. They have Bi-Laws which are for corporations/companies. They use a flag of a nation that doesn't reconize Moorish-Americans. To use a flag of a nation that doesn't recognize you is the true definition of FALSE FLAGGING. 































Sheik Way-El wanted to know how can one be a citizen of the UNNM, the answer is simple....go through our NATIONALIZATION PROCESS by filling out our 19-1 Naturalization form . Sheik Way-El at 10:28am above also wanted to know where can he find the people of NUWAUBU before the word was invented. Well let us state that firstly there are not any people called nuwaupu or nuwaubu. Nuwaubu sometimes called Nuwaupu is a culture or way of life. Refer to our unnm constitution under the 1st statute "TRUTH"


It is OBVIOUS that the brother Sheik Way-El doesn't know the right questions to ask so I will have to pose them for him. These are the right question to ask if you truly want to know.


Ques: What language did the word Nuwaubu come from?


Ans: Nuwaubu is an acient Nubian word which is "Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom, and a Right Overstanding - Finite and infinite, to know".


**According to Lanes Arabic-English Lexicon, the Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) root word Nuwb means "of color inclining to black". The word Nuwaubu is from the Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) root word Nuwb.


We will give you some real moorish science in terms you should understand as a MUSLIM. Okay now if you were to read the words from right to left it would read like this...


BU     WAU     NU          <-----reading from right to left


Beh    Waw    Nuwn = Nuwb


Bu      Wau     Nu  


Abjad-Numerical Value 2   6   50 = 58 (2+6+50=58)


Starting with the number  50 ^^^  above on over to  6  next  2  right to left like reading Arabic.


The 50th Attribute Of Allah= Ash Shahiydu meaning "The Witness" and is equivalent to the word Shahaada which all Muslims take when they enter into the fold of Al Islaam.


The 6th Attribute Of Allah= Al Mu'minu meaning "The Faithful or Believer", which is what one becomes once they've taken their Shahaada and entered into the fold of Al Islaam.


The 2nd Attribute Of Allah= Al Rahiymu meaning "The Merciful" is the second part of the Tasmiyah, the most widely acclaimed declaration in Al Islaam which opens up the chapters of the Qur'aan. It is protected by the sacred Number 19 


Also, Suwrah Al Faatihah which opens the Qur'aan, was Originally the 5th Revelation to The Prophet Muhammad as Al Hamd "The Praise" which consists of 5 letters and the 5th name of Allah is As Salaamu 


which is Al Islaam.  There are no coincidence. This is Supreme Mathematics unfolding right in front of you. Now 2+6+50=58 and the 58th attribute of Allah is Al Mubdiyu "The Beginner" for all things will begin at this re-newal point in our history for the prestine purity of Al Islaam called Nuwaubu. The sacred three letters Nuwn   Waw   Beh giving us the word NUWAUBU.