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U.N.N.M. Constitution

U.N.N.M. Constitution


The questions and answers section of this U.N.N.M. Constitution is geared towards giving the reader overstanding on the terms and definitions as they relate to the Nuwaubian nation of Moors and how it's being communicated to all concerned peoples mentioned.

  • Ques: What Does The Word Autonomy Mean? 




The Word Autonomy Is Defined In The American Heritage Dictionary, The Third Edition As: 


n., pl. au-ton-o-mies 

1. The condition or quality of being autonomous; independence. 

2. a. Selfgovernment or the right of self-government; self-determination, 

     b. Self-government with respect to local or internal affairs: granted autonomy to a national minority. 

3. A self-governing state, community, or group.


According To A Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary Of The English Language It Comes From The Greek Word autonomia, meaning "independence" from autonomos, meaning "self-ruling".


In The Black's Law Dictionary, The Revised Fourth Edition, The Word Autonomy Is Defined As:


"The Political Independence Of A Nation; The Right And Condition Of Power Of Self Government; The Negation Of A State Of Political Influence From Without Or From Foreign Powers." This Word Autonomy Is Used For What It Means, "Independence Or Self- Governing"


A Perfect Example Of How Autonomy Is Used, Is Seen In Article 31 Previously Shown From "The Drafted Declaration Of The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples" E/Cn.4/Sub.2/1994/2/Add.l (1994)


Our, Yamassee Native Americans, United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors, Autonomous And Sovereign Status Is Our Right As An Indigenous Peoples. We Are Not Petitioning Or Asking Any Government, City, State, Or Country For This Liberty That Is Rightfully Ours. We Are Simply Communicating Our Status To Foreign Nations.


  • Ques: What Does The Word Communicating Mean And How Is It Used?  


The Word Communicating Is The Verb Of The Word Communication, Which Is Defined In The American Heritage Dictionary, The Third Edition As: "1.a. To convey information about; make known; impart: communicated the new data to our office, b. To reveal clearly; manifest:"


According To A Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary Of The English Language The Word Communicate Comes From The Latin Word Communicationem Accusative Of Communicatio Fr.. Communicatus Past Participle Of Communicare Meaning To "Communicate, Impart, Share" From Communis Meaning "Common, Universal, Public."


In The Black's Law Dictionary, The Revised Fourth Edition, The Word Communication Is Defined As:


"Information Given, The Sharing Of Knowledge By Or With Another; Conference; Consultation Or Bargaining Preparatory To Making A Contract. Intercourse; Connection;"


This Is Exactly What We Have Done, And Are Doing Now, Informing Other Nations Of Our Sovereign Status.


  • Ques: What Does The Word Sovereign Mean And How Is It Used?     


According To The American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition, Sovereign Means: "Self-Governing; Independent: A Sovereign State. 2. Having Supreme Rank Or Power: A Sovereign Prince." 


According To A Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary Of The English Language The Word Sovereign Comes From The Middle English Old French Soverain, Sovrain (F. Souverain) From Middle English Superanus Meaning Chief Principle (Whence Also Spanish Soberano, Italian Soprano), From Latin Super Meaning Above.


The Word Sovereign Is Used For What It Means, As Seen In The Dred Scott Vs. Stanford Case And I Quote:


"They Both Describe The Political Body Who, According To Our Republican Constitutions Form The Sovereignty, And Who Hold The Power And Conduct The Government Through Their Representation. They Are What We Familiarly Call The Sovereign People, And Every Citizen Is A Part Of This People, And A Constituent Member Of This Sovereignty."


In Other Words We Are Communicating To You The Fact Of Our Status As An Indigenous And Sovereign Nation.



This Is A Communication To You

  • Ques: Just Who Are The Americans? 


No Caucasians Are Americans By Nationality, Being They Are Not Indigenous Of This Land But Admit Themselves To Have Come Here From Europe And Its Various Subdivisions As Settlers.

  • Ques: What Is A Caucasian?   


An Indigenous Person Of The Caucasus Mountains That Is Between The Black And Caspian Sea. If You Are Not Born There, Then You Are Not Legally A Caucasian. 

  • Ques: What Is The Description Of A Real Caucasian?   


Caucasians Are Original Descendants From Scandinavia That Includes Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, And The Faeroe Islands. According To The Reference Library Scandinavian Means: 1. Of Or Relating To Scandinavia Or To Its Peoples, Languages, Or Cultures, And Also Means 2. A Native Or Inhabitant Of Scandinavia.


In The 7th To 10th Century A.D., Because Of Overpopulation, And Agricultural Problems, The Vikings Who Were Scandinavians, Started Migrating Out Into Different Areas Such As The Baltic Sea Area, The Prankish Territories, The Caspian And Black Sea Area, Which Is The Caucasus Mountains, Where They Mixed In With The Original Indigenous People Of Those Lands Namely Dark Skinned Woolly Haired People Being Referred To As Moors. This Produced The Mixed Races Of What Is Being Called Europeans Today (Refer To Encyclopedia Britannica, Volume 16, Page 305-336).


The Genetic Traits Of A Caucasian As Far As Hair Color Is Concerned, Is Blonde Often Called Fair Hair, And The Follicles Are Flat Producing Flank Or Straight Yellow Hair. The Color Of The Eyes In The Iris, That Is The Pigmented Round Contractile Membrane Of The Eye, Is Blue.

Their Membranous Tissue Called Skin Is Transparent Giving The Impression Of Pink. Thus The Description Of What Is Being Called Caucasians Or White People Is Blonde, Straight Hair, Blue Eyes And Transparent To Pink Skin. All Other Europeans Or Euro-Americans Are A Product Of Mixing With What They Call The Negroid Race Or Negroid Stock Before Coming To America And Are Considered Mulatto. Mulatto Is A Spanish Word Taken From The Arabic Word Muwallad "To Give Birth" And Implies A Person Having One White And One Black Parent. According To J.A. Rogers' "Nature Knows No Color Line" Page 73 States And I Quote: "Mulattos Were Called Tawny-Moors And Sometimes Tanny-Moors, Tannimoors (30) Bailey Says They Were One Born Of Parents Of Which One Is A Moor And The Other Of Some Other Nation, Or White. "Albino Negroes Were Called "White Moors...".

The Results Of This Mixing Produces A Variety Of Light Skinned Straight, Wavy To Curly Hair Ranging In Colors From Red To Auburn, Chestnut, Brunette Or Dark Brown, And Eye Color Ranging From Brown, Green, Hazel To Gray; And Of Course In Many Cases, Freckled Skin Is A Result Of This Mixing. Freckles Being Small Brownish Spots On The Skin From A Middle English Word Frakles, Is An Alteration Of Fraknes, From A Scandinavian Origin. So In Actuality, All Euro-Americans Or Europeans Who Are Not Blonde-Haired, Blue Eyed, Born In Scandinavia Or The Caucasus Mountains Are Not Caucasians. The People Being Called Caucasians, Born In America, Called Americans, Should Be Called Euro-Americans If That Is Their Nationality. The Same Way They Took It Upon Themselves To Call Africans Born In America, Afro-Americans.

Europe Today, Which Is Inclusive Of Spain, Was Once Inhabited By Moors. This Can Be Proven By A Research Of The Family Crest And Coats Of Arms. The Mixing With These Moors Produced The Mulatto Stock. If All People Born In Europe Are Europeans, Then The Moors Being Born Throughout Europe Today From Parents Of African And Caribbean Countries, Accordingly, These "Blacks" There, Are Also European. Thus European Does Not Describe A Race But A People Residing In A Specific Geographical Location. So The Three Races Of The Planet Earth Are Recorded As:

 1) Negroid - Description: Black To Brown Pigmentation, That Is From The Root Word Negra Meaning "Black", With Woolly Or Nappy To Tightly Curled Hair, Black To Brown Skin, Thick To Full Lips, Gapped Teeth, Oval-Shaped Eyes With Black To Brown Iris, Wide Nosed, High Cheek Bones, Large Gluteus Maximum, Heights Ranging From Four Feet To Eight Feet, And An Abundance Of Melanin.

2) Mongoloid - Description. Yellowish To Cream Skin Pigmentation, Hollow And Straight Black Hair, Dark Eyes, With Pronounced Epicanthic Folds, Lacking A Top Lid, And Shovel Teeth, Prominent Cheek Bones, Large Calves, Heights Ranging From Four Feet To Five Feet. Mongoloids All Fall Under Negroid That's Why They All Have Black Eyes, And Dark Hair And Melanin.

3) Caucasoid - Description: Transparent To Pink Skin Pigmentation, Straight Blonde Hair, Blue Eyed, Heights From Five Feet To Six Feet, Pronounced Canine Teeth, A Pug Nose, And Thin Lips, Large Bust, And Are Melanin Recessive.


This Is The Standard World Wide Recognition For The Description For The Three Races On This Planet. All Others Are Mulattos Or Simply Multi-Racial Mixtures. America Today Has Become A Melting Pot Of The Multi-Racial Mixtures, Each Seeking Their Roots Or National Origin As An Indigenous People. Many Sub-Races Such As: American Indians, East Indians, Malaysians, Jews, And Italians To Name A Few, Are A Product Of This Mixing And Thus Are Mulattos, And They Would Be Classified As A Part Of The Moorish Race Or Simply Moranos, Black, Which Means That All The Laws Of The Constitution, Treaties, Documents, Articles, And Acts, That Pertain To  What Is Being Called Negroes In America, Pertains To All The Other Mulatto Groups.


According To "The Black Book" On Page 88 The Acts Of 1785 A.D. Chapter LXXVIII States:


"Every Person Whose Grandfathers Or Grandmothers Anyone Is Or Shall Have Been A Negro, Although All His Other Progenitos, Except That Descending From The Negro Shall Have Been White Persons, Shall Be Deemed A Mulatto, And So Every Person Who Shall Have One-Fourth Or More Negro Blood Shall In Like Manner Be Deemed A Mulatto. This Act Is To Be In Force From January 1, 1787.


According To The Act Of 1910 A.D. And I Quote:


"Every Person Having One-Sixteenth Or More Negro Blood Shall Be Deemed A Colored Person, And Every Person Not A Colored Person Having One-Fourth Or More Indian Blood Shall Be Deemed An Indian."


These Acts Below Will Show That Mulattos Are Classified In The Same Category As Negroes. According To The Black Book Page 87 The Act Of 1705 A.D., Chapter XXIII States:


All Negro, Mulatto, And Indian Slaves Within This Dominion Shall Be Held To Be Real Estate And Not Chattels And Shall Descend Unto Heirs And Widows According To The Custom Of Land Inheritance, And Be Held In Fee Simple.


So, The Euro-Americans Or Europeans Who Set Up And Are Running This Government Now And Supporting Its Constitution, Don't Have The Rights To Deny Or Violate Our Constitution Because They Themselves Are Mulattos, That Is Classified As Non-Whites. This Is According To Their Own Laws. They  Are Mulattos And Are Considered "Negroes", Thus You Fall In The Same Bracket As The "Negroes". You Are Not Scandinavian Or Caucasian With Blonde-Haired And Blue-Eyed, But Are European Mulattos, Or Simply Euro-Americans.