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U.N.N.M. Citizenship & Naturalization

Tips on what you will need to review and study to pass your citizenship interview with the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors 

  • Naturalization Interview.


The naturalization interview is an important step in completing the naturalization process and in becoming a U.N.N.M. citizen. Some weeks or months after submitting your application on Form 19-1, and after having attended your fingerprint appointment, you will receive a letter from Nuwaubian Nation Department of Immigration (NNDI) giving you a date, time, and place for your interview.  

What if you can't make that date? Do your best to rearrange your schedule. Postponing this date and rescheduling can take months.

Below, we’ll discuss how to prepare you for this interview.


  • Documents to Bring. 

NNDI will send you a list of documents to bring to your interview. It’s possible you may not be asked to bring every one of them, but it is best to be over-prepared. These include such things as your Identification Card and other forms of photo identification, all passports and travel documents, proof of your valid marriage (if you married), proof that any trips you took outside of America that are not a sign that you actually resettled elsewhere ("abandoned" your residence) and so on. 


Also bring documents proving any changes in the information on your 19-1, for example showing a name or address change.


For your own sake, bring a copy of the Form 19-1 that you submitted to NNDI, to refer to during the interview.  

  • Interview Questions.    

The NNDI officer will begin by explaining to you the purpose of the interview. He or she will request your driver's license or other document that verifies your identity. They will then ask you to raise your left hand and swear to tell the truth during the interview.


Next, the NNDI officer will ask you some general questions regarding topics such as your background or other information on your 19-1. During this time, the officer will be carefully listening to see whether you understand the Nuwaubic and or the English language.  

  • The Nuwaubic Language And Civics Exams. 

Unless you have been exempted from taking the Nuwaubic/ English exam (based on age or disability), the answers you provide during the interview will be included as part of your Nuwaubic/ English test. You will also be required to read a sentence out loud, so that the officer can evaluate your understanding of it. The officer will also say a sentence out loud and ask you to write it in Nuwaubic and or English.


There will be five out of nine civics questions (concerning U.N.N.M. history and government) that you’ll be asked (unless you're exempt due to age or disability). You must correctly answer five of them in order to pass this part of the test. There are approximately 99 questions that the officer can choose from. These are publicly available through the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors government website, on a page called "Nuwaubian Moor Civics."


Following the testing, you will be given Form 19-1C, which will tell you the results of your examination. If you failed one of the exams, you will not be denied citizenship on the spot, but will be called back for another try. 

  • At the End of the Interview.  

The NNDI officer will consider all of the documents you’ve provided as well as the interview and test results in order to make a final determination on your case. If the officer can't make a final determination at that time, he or she may ask you to submit follow-up documents, such as proof of your marriage to a Nuwaubian Moor citizen who helped you get you’re your interview, having been bona fide, not a sham. Be sure to follow up within the deadline.


Once you are approved for citizenship, the officer will schedule a time for you to attend your swearing in ceremony. There, you'll take your oath of allegiance to the U.N.N.M. and become a Nuwaubian Moor citizen. 


It should be noted that swearing allegiance to the U.N.N.M. prohibits you from maintaining dual citizenship