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U.N.N.M. Citizenship & Naturalization

All lawful members of the U.N.N.M. must fill out a 19-1 naturalization application correctly.

  • The 19-1 Naturalization Form for Citizenship? 


The 19-1 form is the form that all lawful members of the U.N.N.M. must fill out in order to apply for U.N.N.M. citizenship through a process called naturalization. However, timing is important here. With very rare exceptions, people who are not of good moral character should not apply to naturalize at all. And if you are to become eligible, you'll need to consider the following issues:

  • Your age

  • Whether you've broken any U.S. Laws and are seeking to flee or avoid prosecution from the United States

  • When you actually submit the application.

  • We'll cover these in more detail below.

  • Your Age. 

You must be at least 18 years of age in order to apply to naturalize. However, there are situations in which younger people can obtain U.N.N.M. citizenship automatically, through their parents. 

  • Have You Broken Any U.S. Laws.  


Are you in good standing with the United States? No citizen of the United States looking to become a Nuwaubian Moor citizen shall be eligible for U.N.N.M. citizenship that has trouble with the law. Any attempt to elude, evade or escape criminal prosecution will make you ineligible for citizenship with the U.N.N.M.

  • What Happens After Submitting 19-1 Form.  


Generally the time for processing a 19-1 form is one to three months, though this can vary by region and depending on the number of people who apply at the same time. 

After NNDI does a basic review to make sure the application you've sent in is complete, and that you've paid your fee, you will be asked to report for fingerprinting (biometrics). Several weeks after that, NNDI will call you in for an interview, where you'll be examined on your Nuwaubic and or English and tested on your knowledge of Nuwaubian Moor history and government, and the official will decide whether you qualify for citizenship. If you do, then you'll later be called in for a swearing-in ceremony, where you'll actually receive a Certificate of Citizenship. 

See Steps to Become an American Citizen for more on what follows.