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Declaration of Independence

United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors Declaration of Independence

Drafted By Maku: "Chief" Black Eagle In 1992, Later Signed By Maku "Chief" White Buffalo. This Document Is Declaring The United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors, Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans To Be Sovereign, Free And Independent Of The United States Of America. 

“The Declaration Of Independence of the U.N.N.M.”

I  Am  Making  The  Declaration  That  I  Am A  Nuwaubian Yamassee, Moor.  So Let It Be Known To All That I Am Proclaiming That I Am A Descendant Of The Original Morotopithecus Bishopi From Uganda, Kenyapithecus From Kenya, And Afropithecus From Kenya, Whose Ancestors Roamed From That Point Throughout The World And That I Am Of The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, The United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors. 


I Declare That I Am Not And Was Not A Slave, Negro Or Colored; Nor Was I In Servitude To Any One Person Or Group Or Race Of Human Beings, Of My Own Free Will; But Rather Kidnapped And Sold To The Assessors To The Crime Of Kidnapping, “That is to take a person against their will to confine Or Buy A Person Against Their Will”. Therewith, I Do Not Accept The Titles Of “Ex-slave” Or Property”. The Word Property Means “What One Owns By Earning”. We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident, And That All Men Are Created Equal, That They Are Endowed By Their Creator With Certain Unalienable Rights, That Among These Are Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness.


I   Declare   That   You Cannot Own Or Earn Any Individual, Thus No One Can Be Called Property To Any One Person Or Any Foreigners Who Invaded These Shores, Now Called The United States Of America, And To Secure These Rights, The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, The United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors. A Government Deriving Its Just Power From The Consent Of The Governed Of This Nation. Much Like The United States Of America, Originally “The Country Of Virginia” Or “The Original Thirteen Colonies”, Who Plagiarized The Articles Of Confederation, Which Became The Constitution And Was Setup For Their Behalf. This Constitution Of The United States Of America, In Its Purity, Coincides With The Laws Of Nature. However, The Government Which Runs Under This Constitution Has Become Destructive Of Its Ends To The Rights Of The Peoples, And To Alter Or To Abolish It And Institute A New Government, Laying Its Foundation On Such Principles Of Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness, Includes Truth, Justice, Unity, Love, Peace, Joy, Equality, Freedom, Success, And Law, Is Our Inalienable Right Of Self Determination. I Don’t Fall Up Under The Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendment For I Am Not And Was Never A Slave, A Word Which Describes Slavic People In Captivity Of Which I Am Not By Race, Or Nationality, Or Origin.


Nevertheless, I Am Of The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, And I Am Of Moorish Descent, And After A Long Train Of Abuse And Usurpation’s From The Government Of The United States Of America, It Is My Right, It Is my Duty, To Throw Off The Said Corrupt Government, And To Provide A New Guard For My Future’s Security.


I Declare That The Title Slave Only Applied To The Slavic People Of Eastern Europe In The Middle Ages, Who Were Conquered By A Roman “Otto The Great” (912-973 A.D.), The Son Of A German King Named Henry The First In The Middle Ages (457-1453 A.D.). The Term Slave Was Forced Upon Us Once We Were Kidnapped (Nabbed By Force Against Our Will) From Our Land In North America, South America And Also From Those Who Were Kidnapped And Sold As Slaves From Africa, These Acts Are Unlawful According To The Black’s Law Dictionary, The Dictionary Of Criminal Justice Terms, The Lindbergh Act Of 1932 A.D., Model Penal Code 212.1, And The UCR. 26. Other Illegal Acts According To The Europeans And Euro-Americans Laws Against Us Are Raping, Murdering, And Torturing, Castration, And Lynching. According To Revised Code Of 1819 A.D. “All Murder Which Shall Be Perpetrated …By Starving, Or By Wilful Malicious And Excessive Whipping Beating or Other Cruel Treatment Or Torture, Or … By Rape…Shall Henceforth Be Deemed Murder In First Degree.”


The Act Of 1799 A.D. States In Part: “Any Person Who Shall Dismember Or Deprive A Slave Of Life, Shall Suffer Such Punishment,…Like An Offence Had Been Committed On A White Person…”, This Act Is A Perfect Example Of How They Write The Laws But Didn’t Follow Them. Some States Had This Law But Added Exceptions And Provisions, Such As Georgia and Tennessee Which Followed The Above Act With Exceptions. According To The Statute Of 1799 A.D. Ch. 9, Of Tennessee, The Exception Says:” …Provided, This Act Shall Not Be Extended To Any Person Killing Any Slave In The Act Of Resistance To His Lawful Owner Or Master, Or Any Slave Dying Under Moderated Correction”. Georgia’s Exception Quotes “…Except In Case Of Insurrection Of Such Slave, And Unless Such Death Should Happen By Accident In Giving Such Slave Moderate Correction”.


Inspite Of These Exceptions, They Still Did Not Have The Right To Deliberately Or “Accidently” Kill Humans “Slave” Or Not They Were And Are In Violation Of Their Own Made Laws.


Our Children Were Also Subject To Physical And Mental Abuse, Stemming From Taking Them Away From Their Mothers, Parents And People, At Crucial Ages Causing Psychological And Mental Disorders. We Were Also Mentally Influenced Against Our Own Heritage And Religion, And Still Are Being Taught To Hate Ourselves. Such Brutalities Has Been The Patient Sufferance Of The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, The Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors; And Such Attest The Necessity WhichMakes Us Resurrect Our Ancient Way Of Life And Religious Practices. The History Of The Government Of The United Of America Is A History Of Repeated Injuries And Usurpation, All Having In Direct Object, The Hindrance Of The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, The United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moor’s Knowledge Of Their True Identity, The Original Native American Of Moorish Descent.


I Declare And Know That “The Native Americans” Or Their Children, The “American Indians” Were Already Here On These Ancient Lands Called “North, Central, And South America” Before European Adventures, Or “Discoverers” Came Here. How Can You Discover A Land That Was Already Inhabited? The American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition Defines The Word Discover As “To Be First To Find, Learned Of Or Observed”. These Europeans And Their Descendants Conquered, Settled And Reshaped Our, The Yamassee Native Americans Ancient Homeland To Their Needs, With No Concern, Respect, Or Care For What We Already Established And Acquired. They Wanted Us And Other Victims Of Kidnap For Our Labor, Our Knowledge Of The Mountains, Forest And Plains, For Our Goods, Our Silver, Our Gold, Our Maize, Our Cloth, And Our Furs. When We, “The First People Of The Western Hemisphere” Could Not Accommodate The Conquerors And Settlers, Who opposed Us, Many Of Our Family And Tribe Member Were Tortured And Killed. They Gave Us Their Family Names Like Fletcher, La Roche, And Powell, In Place Of Our Own Moorish Names Like El, Bey, Dey, And Ali. They Gave Us British Names Like York, Clark, And Williams, Jewish Names Like Miller, Smith And Joseph And Many Irish Names For Our Native American Names Like Black Eagle, Sitting Bull, And Hawk Eye. They Gave Us Nick Names Like Nigger, Spook, And Spade when, We Already Had Names For Ourselves Such As: Yamassee, Which Is A Distortion Of The Muskogee Word Yamasi Meaning “Gentle”, Iroquois, From The Algonkin Word Iriakhoiw Meaning “Real Adders”, Apalachee, A  Haitchiti Word Meaning “People On The Other Side”, And Kiowa, A Kiowa Word Meaning “Principle”.


We Were Also Named Massachusets, Nez Perce, And Mandans. These Europeans And Euro-American Will Say That They Signed Treaties, And Agreements For The Land. However, This Is Only Partially True, For We Native Americans Were At Constant War With These “Conquerors” And We Did Not Have Or Use U.S. Currency, “Money”. We Were Swindled, Conned, Cheated Out Of Our Land. When We Were Tired Of Fighting, We Made Treaties To Share The Land, Although They Were Planning On Taking The Land All For Themselves, Not Intended To Share It. We Did Not Read Their Languages So They Tricked Us. In The Book Entitled “New Partnership Indigenous People And The United Nations System”, Where It States And I Quote: “A North American Leader Explained To A Younger Tribal Member: The Paper With Words Had One Kind Of Meaning. Three Objects From The Signing Ritual Had Others. A Bag Made Of Deer Skin Signified Sharing, The Sacred Pipe Was For Truth And Sweet Grass Meant Kindness. They Were “A Kind People”,…” Make Note At This Point, From The Above Statement That, We The Yamassee, Were The: “Kind People”, Which Is What The Name Yamassee Means “Kind Or Gentle”. So As You Can See, It Doesn’t Matter If These Settlers Made Treaties, Or Agreements With Us, Because We Had Two Different Understandings Of These Treaties. We, As The Yamassee Native American, Made Treaties To Share The Land, And These “Conquerors”, With Malicious Treatment, Tortures, And Wars Removed Us From The Land And Occupied It All. They Went As Far As Putting Small Pox On The Paisley Prints In Our Blankets To Wipe Us Out.


A Perfect Example Of This Is The Yamassee Revolt Against The Spanish In The 17th Century And The Forced Sale Of The Black Hills, A Scared Site Of The Teton Sioux Native Americans In The 19th Century. This Kind Of Treatment Was Going On All Over The World With Europeans. A Spokesman From Gag Gaita In The Baster Region Of South Asia, Described An Experience In 1981 A.D., Where His People Had Been Told That The Government Will Care For Everything And Give Them Money. However, When They Went To Them And Asked For Money, They Said “Your Name Is Not Registered, You Don’t Have Papers To Your Land And Come Again Later”. So He Concluded: “So They Play Their Evil Game With Us.” Also In Aotearoa (New Zealand), Treaties And Agreements were Simply Voided By European Settlers, When It No Longer Served Their Purposes To The Europeans. A Treaty Of Waitangi, New Zealand In 1840 A.D., Was Nullified As More And More Europeans Immigrated To Aotearoa, Changing Its Name To New Zealand.


I Declare That I Know And Realize That As A Descendant Of Nuwba, And Indigenous Native American, I Am To Acknowledge Only The Facts And Declare Nuwaubu As My Ancestral Religion, Customs And Practices, As My Only Way Of Life, As The Original Of The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, A Nuwaubian Moor. As Descendants Of The Olmecs, We Are The Indigenous People Of This Land. We Ask Only What Other Ethnic Peoples Have Already Asserted For Themselves; To Continue As Distinct And Separate Cultures In Our Homeland.


The Definition Of Indigenous People, As Defined By The United Nations, Stresses Our Ability To Survive, Despite Centuries Of Ill-Treatment. The United Nations Defines Indigenous People As, People Who Have Continued To “Consider Themselves Distinct…And Are Determined To Preserve, Develop And Transmit To Further Generations Their Ancestral Territories, And Their Ethnic Identity… In Accordance With Their Own Cultural Patterns, Social Institutions And Legal System, They Have Resisted For Over 500 Years, And They Have Survived As Separate Cultures Despite Centuries Of Deprivation, Assimilation And Genocide. Now They Are Once Again Active On Their Own Behalf. Indigenous People World Wide Are Claiming What Their Leaders Refer To As “The First Rights Of The First People.” Also, A Torres Strait Islander From The Western Pacific Describes His People To The United Nations Working Group On Indigenous Population As “The Original Owners Of The land.” He Continued: “We Have Not Lost Our Islands. We Do Not Ask For Them Back. They Have Always Been Ours. We Have Right On Our Side, We Now Seek Justice.”


The United Nations Have Acknowledged That Indigenous Number Over 300 And Count 4 Per Cent Of The World’s Population. They Live In Every Part Of The World, In The Cities Of The Most Technological Cultures, Along Terraced Hill-Sides, In Heavily Populated Agricultural Provinces, On The Wide Prairies And Savanna Of Sparsely Settled Regions. They Share Tragic Common History: Invasion Of Their Territories And Alteration Of Their Environment, The Breaking Or Voiding Of Treaties, Violence Against Their Peoples, Discrimination And Abuse, Poor Health Care And Disadvantaged Living Conditions, Attacks On Their Beliefs And Customs, Desecration Of Their Scared Sites, Imposition Of Alien Education Systems And Language, The Undermining Of Their Way Of Government And Rejection Of their Adherence To Community Over Individual rights. We The Yamassee Moors Were Here Before The European Adventurers Sailed Their Carvels And Galleons Across The Atlantic Ocean, To These Shores Called Americas Or The new World. However, This Was Not A New World To Us, But Rather Our Ancestral Home.


I Declare That With These Facts That, I Must Not Violate Any Of The Laws Of The Country Of The United Nuwaubian Of Moors In Which I Live. I Also Recognize The United Nuwaubian Nation Of  Moor’s Flag, Which Our Supreme Grand Master, Nayya: Malachi Zodok York-El Has Created And I Claim For Myself.


I Declare That I Realize That There Is No Aggrandizement (To Increase The Scope Or Extend, To Make Greater In Power Influence Stature Or Reputation) Amongst The Muur-Moorish Race, Even Though We As Moors Have Acquired Various Nationalities, Religious Denominations, Cultures, Tribal Names, Languages Such As Christianity, Judaism And Islam.


I Declare And Know That The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, The Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors Are The Extended Family Of Our Maku: The Supreme Grand Master Nayya: Malachi Zodok York El. Nayya: Malachi Zodok York-El Was Born June 26, 1945 A.D., To Mary C. York And David P. York, Son Of William York And His Wife Carrie. William Was The Blood Son Of Ben York (1779-1893 A.D.), Of The Lewis and Clark Louisiana, So-Called, Purchase Where He Was Declared Free By William Clark (1770-1838 A.D.). William Clark Signed A Manumission In 1802 A.D., To Free A Slave Named “Ben”, Which Is Ben York; However He Changed His Mind, And Ben York Was Freed After May 1811 A.D. Ben York Also Left A Trail Of Progeny Along The Expedition’s Path. According To “In Search Of York” By Robert B. Betts, On Page 71 And I Quote: “…On The Return Journey, He (York) Found That He Had Become The Father Of A Little Nez Perce Negro…. Occasional Modern Nez Perces With Kinky Hair Are Perhaps Descended From This Child. Of The Mandans, …In 1899 …Signs Of York Could Still Be Detected Among Them.” Robert P. Warren, A Poet And Novelist Is Quoted On Page Of The Same Book Saying “And My Good Nigger York, Who Left His See In Every Tribe Across The Continent-“,


Thus Making Us Also Descendants Of The Nez Perce, One Of The Various Native American Tribes. As Ansaars, Malachi Z. York Taught Us To Wear The Nose ring In The right Nostril, Which Is the Custom Of Our Ancient Ancestors And The Nez Perce Child Of Ben York.


Ben York Was The Son Of Old York, A.K.A. “Yusef Ben Ali” (1756 – 1861 A.D.). “Ben York’s Parents Were Named After One Of The Great British Families, The York’s From “Yorkshire, Northern England”. The Ancestors Of These York’s In England Were Black-A-Moors. Refer To The Yorkshire Coats Of Arms On Page 106. York Was Of The Ruling House Of England (1461-1485 A.D.), Which Included Edward IV, Edward V, And Richard III. Some Of The Yorks Also Came Here To These Shores, And Settled Along With The English Settlers, And This Is Who The Yamassee Tribe Went to Live Amongst, Near Beaufort, North Carolina, When The Spanish Betrayed Them And Sold Some Of Them As “Slaves” In 1680 A.D.


In Georgia. However, After The Yamassee Revolt In 1715 A.D. In North Carolina, Some Of Them Were Again Sold As “Slaves”. So It Was The British Who Gave Us, Yamassee Moors, The Name York. The Yazoo Land Scandal Also Helped In The Displacement Of The Remnants Of The Yamassee, Of The Lower Creek, Native American Tribes From Georgia The Creeks, Cherokee, Choctaw And The Chickasaw Lived And Were In Control Of An Area Called The Yazoo. In The Year 1795 A.D., Georgia Claimed This Territory Extended From The Atlantic Ocean West, As Far As The Mississippi River. Very Shrewd Businessman From Four Land Companies Offered The State Of Georgia $500,000 For 35 Million Acres, With No Regard To The Native Americans Inhabiting That Area. After The Sale Went Through, These Businessmen Bribed The Legislators Of Georgia To Pass A Bill Authorizing This Sale. These Bribes Included Land (75,000 Acres) Land, Slaves, Barrels, Rice And Money. Needless To Say, This Bill Was Passed Very Easily. When The Citizens Of Georgia Found Out About This Bribe, They Were Outraged, And Each Legislator That Accepted The Bribe Were Replaced. This New Legislative Body Repealed And Burned The Bill. The Land Owners Resisted The Bill Repealing The Sale, And Went To The U.S. Government For Help. The U.S. Government Agreed To Buy The Yazoo Land For $1,250,000 Again, With No Concern Whatsoever For Yamassee, Creeks Native American Owners Of That Land.


I Declare That Nayya: Malachi Zodok York-El, Is A Yamassee Native American, By Tribe And A Moor By Race And Nationality. His Mother Mary C. York Was The Daughter Of Leila Williams And Bobby Williams. Leila Williams’ Maiden Name Is Leila Miller. The Millers And Washingtons’, Who Are Washita Native Americans, Moved From Louisiana As Creoles, And Lived Amongst The Geechees In Charleston, South Carolina. Leila Was Also The Daughter Of Dwight, Who Was The Mother Of Mary C. Williams, Who Married David P. York, Who Was Her Second Cousin. (Refer To Chart On Page 108). Annie Was The Mother Of Dwight And The Seminole Wife Of Ben York, And Her Tribal Name Is Sun Beam. Now Bobby Williams, Mary C. York’s Father, Was An Egyptian Moor Named, Salah Hailak Al Ghalat, A Merchant Seaman From A Little Village Called Beluwla, In Nubia Of Ancient Egypt. Back Then The Egyptians Dressed In Black Suits And Crimson –Colored Fezes, Being Of Moorish Descent. So Nayya: Malachi Zodok York- El, Is Also Related To Ben York, On His Mother And Father’s Side.


David P. York Is The Son Of William York Sr. And His Wife Carrie York. William York Sr. Was Also The Son Of Ben York And A Massachusets Native American Woman, Named Nancy, Whose Tribal Name Was Little Bird. York Frequently Visited Boston, Massachuset With Clark Where He Had Family. In A Book Called “In Search Of York” By Roberts B. Betts, On Page 101, It Says “…He (Clark) Went Back And Forth Between Kentucky And The East, Having In His Words, “Frequent Reasons To Visit The Eastern States & Washington…”. Nayya: Malachi Zodok York-El Was Also Raised By Diana Fletcher, A Yamassee, Kiowa, Moor, His Great-Aunt, Who Was The Daughter Of Ben York, And The Half-Sister To William York Sr. Amongst The Native Americans, The Seed Is Through The Mother, And According To The Act Of 1910 A.D., If You Are 1/4 Of Native American, You Are Considered A Native American. Diane Fletcher Being His Great Native American Aunt, Will Make Him Also A Native American. Also According To The Act Of 1924 A.D., If You Are 1/16 Of Native American, You Are Considered Native American, And That Would Make Nayya: Malachi Zodok York-El A Native American Through His Great Grandmother Rose, A Washo Woman, Who Was The Mother Of Ben York, A Yamassee Washita. Nayya: Malachi Zodok York-El’s Mother Mary C. Williams Is A Massachuset. So Nayya: Malachi Zodok York-El, Would Be A 19th, 18th, 17th, 16th, And 15th Century Native American.


Ben York (1779 – 1893 A.D.) Was The Half Brother By The Same Father, Namely “Old York”, (1756 – 1861), A Malian Moor, To Anniamaree Daughter Of Ayimarieeya, The Old Empress Of The Washo Tribe. Anniamaree Was The Legal Washo Wife, And Illegal French Wife Of Joseph De Maison Rouge. She Was Also The Mother Of Henry Turner. Ben York Also Had A Half Brother Named Juba From His Mother Rose, Which Can Be Found In John Clark’s Will Of July 24, 1799 A.D., In A Book Called In Search Of York, By Robert B. Betts, Page 85. Juba Is A Moorish Word, Meaning “Well” In Arabic. If He Was An African His Brother Would Have Had An African Or Yoruba Name, In View Of The Fact That Juba Is An Algerian Name, Ties Him Back To The Moors. This Only Further Proves That Ben York Was A Moor, Because He Spoke Arabic And French, He Learned French From His Father, Who Was Also A Linguist. French Is The Second Language Of Moors In Morocco. The First Being Maghribee Arabic. Ben York Was Used As A Translator For The Expedition, As Found In The Book “In Search Of York” By Robert B. Brett. Now Ask Yourself Why Would Educated Europeans Have To Use A “Negro, Slave” As A Translator? Ben York Was Also Known To Have Worn “A Baggy Denim Outfit And A Bloody Red Sash”. This Sash Was A Symbol Of A Moorish Flag, Which He Wore In Remembrance Of His Moorish Heritage, As Found In The “In Search Of

York” Book On page 64.


I Declare That I Also Know That The Supreme Grand Master Malachi Zodok York-El Officially Began His Mission On September 22, 1967 A.D., Which Was Incorporated Under The Islamic Mission Of America Inc., Charter Date In 1944 A.D., By A Moor From Morocco Named Shaikh Daoud Ahmed Faisal, To Reclaim His Rightful Identity. I Know That The Ansarullah Community Of The Islamic Mission Of America Inc., Was First Chartered And Thus Established In The Year 1970 A.D. in New York, U.S.A. And The Nubian Islamic Hebrews Mission Inc. Was Chartered And Thus Established In The Year 1973 A.D. On May 17th In New York, U.S.A., To Utilize All The Rights There In. I, As An Original Moor, Am Reclaiming That: “I As A Yamassee Moor Have The Inalienable Right To Make All Decisions Over Myself” In Accordance With The Moroccan Moor Treaty Of Friendship And Amnesty Of 1787 A.D. by The Then Ruler Of Morocco, Sultan Sidi Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (Mohammad III, 1721-1790 A.D.), The Ninth Emperor Of The Moroccan Hassanian Dynasty, And George Washington (1732-1799 A.D), Which Is Backed By The Third Article, Which States In Section 2 “The Judicial Power Shall Extend All Cases, In Law And Equity, Arriving Under This Constitution, The Laws Of The United States And Treaties Made, Or Which Shall Be Made, Under Their Amnesty”.


I Declare That This Treaty Was Renewed In 1836 A.D. I Am Also Reclaiming The Following Nine Principles: 1. My Gods: Anu, Osiris, Allah, 2. My Tribal Roots: Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, Seminole, Creek, Shushuni, And Washita Mound Builders. 3. My Nationality: Muurs (Moors), 4. My Language: Nuwaubic, 5. My Culture: Nuwaubu, 6. My Birthrights And Lands, 7. My Dress: Fez (Tarbush), 8. My Flag As Black, Red And Green And The Ancient Moorish Symbol, The Six-Pointed Star, Crescent And Ankh, 9. My Story And My Own Education.


I Declare That I Am Petitioning Through The Following: The act of 1682 A.D., Declaration Of Independence, The Ordinance Of 1784 A.D., The North West Ordinance of 1787 A.D., Magna Carta Civil Law Code of Philadelphia, 1854 A.D., 13th Amendment WITH 20 Sections, WHICH WAS NEVER LAWFULLY RECALLED, The Emancipation Proclamation Act Of 1863 A.D., And Lincoln’s Proclamation Of Amnesty And Reconstruction. 


I Declare That Relative To The Freeing Of The Slaves And Non-Citizenship Which By The Said Act By The Government Of The United States Of America Restored The Heritage Of My Moorish Ancestors, Including their Names, (Nin, Nanya, Nayya, For The Beginning Of The Name And El, Dey, Bey And Ali At The End Of The Name) Their Culture, And Religion Whether Paganism, Muhammadism, Or Judaism, My Inalienable Rights Of Self-Determination, And My Own Identity, As The Indigenous People Of The North, Central, And South America And Africa Which I Have Reclaimed My Moorish Nationality.


I Again Declare That I Realize And Recognize, That I Am Of The Yamassee Tribe Of Native Americans, The United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors, And It Is Required Of Me To Study, Know, And Teach The Facts, Right Knowledge, And Recognize The Science Of Nuwaubu As The True Way Of Life. I Also Acknowledge And Respect The Laws Of The Government Under Which I Live, The Flag And Constitution In Its Original And Lawful Writing.



"Gather Nuwaubian Moors, It's Nation Time"