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Maku: Black Eagle, founding Chief of the
Yamassee Tribe of Native Americans,
The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors
Maku: "Chief" Black Eagle of the Yamassee Tribe of Native Americans
Identification card given to Malachi by Shaikh Daoud

Who is Black Eagle? 


Born June 26, 1945 A.D.


Dr. Malachi Z. York is simply "York", according to his birth certificate. He is a decendant of Ben Ali known as "Ben York" through Old York, referred to as Yusef Ben Ali, a Malian Moor, as well as a Seminole from the Yamassee Native American Tribe of Mound Builders, affiliated with the Washita. We call him the Supreme Grand Master, Nayya Malachi Z. York El of the Ancient and Mystic Order of Melchizedek (Sacred Lodge of Imhotep #19 in Georgia, where Rock Eagle Mound is built, by our own ancestors, which is why we are here), a mystical sacred fraternal order, that protects the secrets of our tribe, the Yamassee, our language, our culture, which links back to the moors and the Nuwbuns, to what is being called Egypt and it's called Nuwaubu. He has been known to us by many names over the many years. His religious family ties to Nubia in Sudan gave him the name Isa Abd-allah Ibn Abu Bakr Muhammad, given to him by a moor, named Shaikh Ahmed Daoud Faisal of the Islamic Mission of America on the date June 21st 1957 A.D. when he was 12 years old.


Later the same Shaikh issued him an Islamic brith certificate, as Isa Abd-Allah Muhammad, with the father's name David York, and mother's name Mary C. York. Father's listed nationality, nubian and mother's listed nationality, American.


He was also given a certificate of recognition, called Muslim Missionary Certificate, issued by the Islamic Mission of America, Incorporated, for the propagation of Islam, defense of the faith, and the faithful, to the Islamic Mission, affiliated with the Ansaru Allah Masgid of the Nubians. And the appointed director was Imam Isa Abd-Allah Ibn Abu Bakr Muhammad, signed and sealed by Shaikh Daoud, seal of 1944 A.D. This was issued the 11th day of Novermber 1972 A.D.


Isa Abd-Allah Ibn Abu Bakr Muhammad presented Shaikh with a birth certificate as issued from Boston Massachusetts, with the mother's name Mary C. York and David P. York with the birth date of June 26, 1945 A.D. and the name simply for the child York. So it is clear that Shaikh Daoud in the year 1957 A.D. gave him the Islamic name Isa Abd-Allah Ibn Abu Bakr Muhammad, when he joined the Islamic Mission of American Incorporated. He later became known as simply Imam Isa, and Isa Al Mahdi. 


Bear in mind all of these are the same name, just in variances. Finally linking the Ansaru Allah community with the Ansaars in the Sudan, through one Sayyid Saadiq, great grand son of the Mahdi, visiting Sudan, and tying in the link to the family of the Mahdi, he picked up the name Isa Al Haadi Al Mahdi, attended the university in Khartoum in Sudan and the American University in Cairo Egypt and became the leader of The Nubian Islamic Hebrews, Ansaru Allah Community Incorporated and chartered in The United States, Nubian Islamic Hebrew, Ansaru Allah Inc. May 18, 1973 A.D.


All the while beneath theis Islamic religion was a Native American through the York family, Ben York was tying him back into Malian Moors who later became known as Yamassee, through the Olmecs who were originally called the Nuwbuns (Nubuns) and the Washita also called Washitaw Native American Tribe, they later tie back into the Yamassee Seminole Native Americans Tribes of the Creeks that run through Georgia.


His spiritual side of the family in Sudan bearing the name Isa Al Haadi Al Mahdi, yet when he dropped the Ansaar sect of Islam as a religion some of the family in the Sudan began to disown him and his group. While York was a Muslim using Imam Isa as a religious name, his enemies, the Orthodox Sunni Muslims and the likes would constantly throw up in a derogatory way to imply that Imam Isa was not of Sudanese birth, but rather an American born negro named Dwight York. The name Dwisht as you see does not appear on the Boston certificate, simply York, in fact Dwight is his son's name. 


These Sunnis took great pleasure in throwing this name affixed to the name Dwight, as mentioned, one of his oldest son's name Unbeknown to them that the name York had greater meaning and significance than the Muslim name. It ties him directly to the Native American Tribe of Black Yamassee Tribe of Native Americans Black Seminoles, through his grandfather Ben York who married a Washo woman, making him a Washitaw also .And he does not care if the Muslms acknowledge him, because just like everybody else, he has two sides of his hamily that he could identify with. When the Sudanese rejected him, he began to use his mother's side of the family, only to find out that he had a greater bloodline to identify with. Now the Orthodox Sunnis Muslims will have to try and find some Native Americans to disprove that he is a Native American which they won't be able to do, because it is on record in this country.


As the saying goes they put his foot in their own mouth. For "Black Eagle" is his Native American name form the Washitaw of the family York, on his mother's side of the family, being she was related to her husband David P. York, because they all intermarried with first and second cousins. His family's name included Miller out of Louisiana, William and Fletcher out of Pennsylvania, Washington out of South Carolina, and finally York from Boston and Virginia. This York tied him directly into a Native American bloodline of a great man named Ben York son of Old York, a descendant of the Yamassee Native American, with Moorish Malian family. Ben York also married a Shoshoni woman named Sacajawea, thus you hae the Shoshoni Nubian tribes. 

Dr. Malachi Z. York and Sayyid Saadiq Al Mahdi
The former Prime Minister of Sudan and grandson of The Mahdi
Birth certificate issued by Shaikh Daoud
Shaikh Daoud Ahmed Faisal and Dr. Malachi Z. York
Birth Certificate issued to York's mother in Boston Massachusetts
York's family chart