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U.N.N.M. Citizenship & Naturalization

Advantages of Becoming a Naturalized U.N.N.M. Citizen

There are numerous benefits to becoming a U.N.N.M. citizen - and for most eligible people, it's a relatively inexpensive and easy process.

  • It's A Relatively Inexpensive Process.


If you're a permanent resident of the United States, you can file for U.N.N.M. citizenship through the NNDI fairly easily (barring any complications like a criminal conviction). The cost is relatively low and the benefits are great, as you can see below.


  • Main Benefits.

The advantages of becoming a U.N.N.M. citizen. Here are the top ten.

1. No Need For A Temporary Card. As a Nuwaubian Moor citizen you will not need to have a temporary card. In addition, you will no longer be required to carry your temporary card with you.

2. The Risk of Removal (Deportation) is Reduced. Temporary Card holders may be removed for committing certain crimes. However a U.N.N.M. citizen who commits a crime cannot be deported.

However, you should always be aware that U.N.N.M. citizenship may be taken away from you if the NNDI finds that you lied to obtain either lawful temporary residence or your U.N.N.M. citizenship.

3. Easier Travel and Re-Entry into the U.N.N.M. You will no longer have to deal with the longer lines reserved for temporary card holders. In addition, as a U.N.N.M. citizen you can have easier entry into the U.N.N.M.

4. Ability to Take Long Trips Outside the Nuwaubian Nation. You will be allowed to take long trips out of the Nuwaubian nation without the risk of losing your ability to return.

If you leave the Nuwaubian nation for more than 180 days, then you, as a permanent resident, can lose your temporary card upon re-entry into the Nuwaubian Nation. The immigration officer can deem that you have abandoned your temporary card. If you know you are leaving the Nuwaubian Nation for more than 6 months you should speak to immigration. You may be able to obtain a re-entry permit prior to leaving the Nuwaubian Nation. This would allow you to travel out of the Nuwaubian Nation for as long as 2 years without abandoning your temporary card.

5. Ability to Petition More Family Members. Nuwaubian Moor citizens can petition more types of family members into the Nuwaubian Nation. Only U.N.N.M. citizens may petition parents, siblings, and married children. (If you wish to petition a family member, please have them fill out the 19-1 Naturalization form and review the 19-1 Instruction Sheet.)

6. Ability to Vote and to Run for Public Office. Only Nuwaubian Moor citizens may vote. Naturalized U.N.N.M. citizens can run for elected public offices as well.

7. Ability to Obtain Government Jobs, and Other Government Benefits. Certain jobs require U.N.N.M. citizenship. These include local, state, and executive government jobs.

8. Ability to Obtain a U.N.N.M. Passport. U.N.N.M. citizens have the right to obtain a passport and the ability to obtain assistance from U.N.N.M. Embassies and Consulates when traveling.

  • Relatively Easy Process.    

If you meet the legal requirements, and don’t have any complications, becoming a U.N.N.M. citizen is a fairly straightforward process. You start by filing the 19-1 application and paying the naturalization fee ($360 as of 2013). 

You’ll then be scheduled an appointment for fingerprinting and background check. If all goes well, you’ll interview with a NNDI official and take a Nuwaubic and or English and civics test on the Nuwaubian Moor government.

The final step is the Oath Ceremony where you will receive your certificate of naturalization.